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Valentine’s For Everyone

Singles, Couples, Families, Friends, and all the rest.

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| February 7, 2020
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It’s that time of year again: no longer wintery anticipation of the holidays, but still a ways away from seeing prolonged sunlight. The time where the next few weeks are just as likely to fade into spring as they are to suddenly dump another round of snow on us between now and the start of cherry blossoms season. But it’s also the time of year that’s made sweeter by a celebration of our favorite thing: love, in all its forms!

At Bartell Drugs, we make sure that no matter your relationship status this Valentine’s Day, we’ve got you covered.

14 Hands wine, Beyonce Heat perfume, Stetson cologne, Russell Stover boxed chocolates

For couples

Finally, a day where it’s socially acceptable to completely assume your significant other is coming home with random gifts for you. What will it be this year? Candy? Fragrances? A prescription pick-up for your sinus issue? (Side note: While Bartell’s does have a pharmacy, we cannot emphasize enough how much we don’t recommend choosing “medicine” as a romantic gift. Unless you’re also bringing home chocolate, in which case, carry on.)

And when in doubt, you can’t go wrong with the classics like wine and chocolate. We carry a variety of locally-made reds and whites by 14 Hands, plus many varieties of Whitman Sampler and Russell Stover chocolates. Or, for little cute additions to your Valentine’s Day gift – Hershey’s Kisses. Really, what’s a more iconic duo than the Hershey’s Kiss and Valentine’s Day? Nothing*!

To switch things up a bit from those usual gifts, Bartell’s also has gifts for your partner that are both romantic and pragmatic. That includes perfumes and fragrances, Nivea — products for men, women, and everyone — and makeup and nail products. And for a thoughtful homemade gift, we also carry Butter London nail polish that can complement a home-done pedicure or manicure complete with a foot and hand massage. Whatever you’re leaning towards, you’ll find it at Bartell’s.

*We also would have accepted “cheese and crackers,” “Bert and Ernie,” or “the Mariners and crippling misery.”

Valentine's Hershey's chocolate and kisses

For families

The trick to hitting a home run with the rest of the family’s gifts boils down to acknowledging that children want pretty much one thing, and that thing is candy. And maybe a puppy, but we digress…

Bartell’s has lots of Hershey’s candy that’s perfect for kids (and kids at heart). Because, let’s be honest, while those of us with more adult palates probably prefer higher-end truffles, nougat, and so on 90 percent of the time, remember back to third-grade Valentine’s Day — did you want fancy shmancy chocolates? Heck no! You wanted a gallon of Fun Dip, gosh darn it, and you wanted it now!

Domain Ste Michelle sparkling wine, Seattle Chocolate assorted truffle chocolates

For the single friends’ Valentine’s takeover

And then there’s those of us who aren’t coupled up on Valentine’s Day, and those are the people who get to have the most fun — after all, you get to enjoy the sentiment of love and all that without the pressure of having to plan the perfect evening, leaving you and the gang free to just enjoy each other’s friendship without any nagging sense of obligation.

Bartell’s has you covered if you fall into that category, too. Take, for example, sparkling wine. Have you ever thought to yourself, “I like wine, but sometimes it’s just not fun enough?” Well, that’s what sparkling wine is for: it’s just wine with more pizzazz. Sparkling wine is so much more fun than normal wine, which is why it’s perfect for you and your friends’ Valentine’s bash. Because really, you and your single friends are way more fun than those boring, coupled-up goofballs (unless you, reader, are in fact spoken for, in which case we’re sure you’ve still got it going on and would never dream of becoming too domestic to hang).

Combine that with truffles and bars from Seattle Chocolate and Tacoma Firelogs, and you’ve got a combination of the four best things: something sweet, something boozy, something cozy, and your favorite people.

That sounds like a win to us.