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Community Giving

Bartell Drugs has called the Puget Sound our home for over 127 years. We’re proud of the charitable partnerships and community events that help those in the communities we serve around our beautiful region.

Neighbor Helping Neighbor

Bartell Drugs is a big believer in lending a helping hand. As a local business, we realize that our customers are also our neighbors and community. Our giving chiefly focuses on community and individual health initiatives.

Every year, we partner up with some of the Puget Sound’s most difference-making organizations, including:
• Our annual drive with Food Lifeline, during which we’ve collected more than 100,000 pounds of donated food to help hungry families in the Puget Sound.
• School Tools, which provides essential items to needy Puget Sound schoolchildren each year.
• Teddy Bear Patrol, collecting fuzzy-wuzzy friends for emergency responders to give to children in scary situations.
• Toy ‘N Joy which collects toys and financial donations to provide gifts to needy children during the holiday season.
• Our Community Charitable Giving provides Bartell Gift Cards and funding for hundreds of school auctions, PTAs, and other community fundraising projects.

We’re also active sponsors of several local projects and organizations including funding for the Pacific Science Center’s permanent interactive exhibit, Professor Wellbody’s Academy of Health & Wellness, the Salvation Army, Seattle Children’s Hospital and Global to Local.


Community Auction Donations

We give to hundreds of community auctions each year in the form of a Bartell Drugs Gift Card. This can be used as an auction item or to purchase materials for your non-profit event. To request a card, please fill out the form on our Auction Donation page.

Youth Care Orion Center

Giving Spotlight


For over 40 years, YouthCare has been a leading provider of services for homeless youth and young adults ages 12-24 in Seattle/King County. YouthCare works to end youth homelessness and to ensure that young people are valued for who they are and empowered to achieve their potential. The organization helps build confidence and self-sufficiency for homeless youth through its innovative and comprehensive services, including prevention, outreach, basic services, emergency shelter, housing, counseling, education, and employment training.

Bartell Drugs is proud to sponsor YouthCare to assist them in their work building and growing the ability of youth to succeed. Learn more about YouthCare and how you can help on their website:

Youth Care Orion Center

How you can partner with Bartells to help:
For ongoing support for a particular organization through a shopping loyalty program, learn about our B Caring eScripp program.

Community Charitable Giving Program
Our Community Charitable Giving program provides a Bartell Gift Card to hundreds of school auctions, team fundraisers and other community fundraising projects.

In general, our sponsorship funding is focused on health-related programs and projects that serve our Northwest neighbors. For more information, visit our Donation page.

Let The Gifting Begin!

It’s the season of giving, and Bartell’s is here to make your holiday shopping easy and FUN this year.