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Community Giving

Bartell Drugs has called the Puget Sound our home for over 127 years. We’re proud of the charitable partnerships and community events that help those in the communities we serve around our beautiful region.

Neighbor Helping Neighbor

Bartell Drugs is a big believer in lending a helping hand. As a local business, we realize that our customers are also our neighbors and community. Our giving chiefly focuses on community and individual health initiatives.

Every year, we partner up with some of the Puget Sound’s most difference-making organizations, including:
• Our annual drive with Food Lifeline, during which we’ve collected more than 100,000 pounds of donated food to help hungry families in the Puget Sound.
• School Tools, which provides essential items to needy Puget Sound schoolchildren each year.
• Teddy Bear Patrol, collecting fuzzy-wuzzy friends for emergency responders to give to children in scary situations.
• Toy ‘N Joy which collects toys and financial donations to provide gifts to needy children during the holiday season.
• Our Community Charitable Giving provides Bartell Gift Cards and funding for hundreds of school auctions, PTAs, and other community fundraising projects.

We’re also active sponsors of several local projects and organizations including funding for the Pacific Science Center’s permanent interactive exhibit, Professor Wellbody’s Academy of Health & Wellness, the Salvation Army, Seattle Children’s Hospital and Global to Local.


Union Gospil Mission

Giving Spotlight

Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission

Both Bartell Drugs and Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission have had long histories here in the Northwest. Since 1932, Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission has been dedicated to serving, rescuing and transforming those in greatest need. UGM partners with individuals, churches, other organizations and the local government to awaken hope in the hearts of people overcome with poverty and homelessness.

As a business rooted in the Seattle, we support UGM’s programs that address issues of hunger, homelessness, poverty, high risk youth, and addiction, and their work providing emergency care and long-term recovery services to transform lives and transform our city.

We have chosen UGM to help celebrate our upcoming 127th birthday in May by are giving back to those at risk in our community. We are providing personal care and hygiene kits to UGM’s outreach to residents of the Georgetown homeless community and others in need of these items. You can help us celebrate, and support UGM, by visiting us at our 5th and Olive store on May 11 where they will be in attendance during our Anniversary Sale festivities. The event occurs from 11am to 3pm.

For more information on UGM and its work, visit or follow the Mission on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

How you can partner with Bartells to help:
For ongoing support for a particular organization through a shopping loyalty program, learn about our B Caring eScripp program.

Community Charitable Giving Program
Our Community Charitable Giving program provides a Bartell Gift Card to hundreds of school auctions, team fundraisers and other community fundraising projects.

In general, our sponsorship funding is focused on health-related programs and projects that serve our Northwest neighbors. For more information, visit our Donation page.


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