Health Screening & Wellness Checks for Women

Read up on this important health info for women of all ages.

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It’s National Women’s Health Week so now’s a great time to pause and ensure your check ups are checked off!

Here’s a look at a few appointments and screenings you may not have on your radar, but are very important to maintaining your overall health.

For Women 20+:

  • Annual Physical: How long has it been since you’ve made an appointment to see your doctor? An annual wellness appointment allows you to check in on your overall physical and mental health, find out about necessary vaccines (which you can get at any Bartell pharmacy) and take a look at your diet, exercise and self-care routine.
  • Breast Exam: Your doctor will often do a breast exam as a part of your annual physical. However generally speaking it’s a great idea to have an exam every 1-3 years. By the time you’ve hit 40, it’s recommended you also get an annual mammogram as well.
  • Pap Test: A pap smear is a test for cervical cancer, and is recommended roughly every 3 years for women 21+.
  • Immunizations & Flu Shot: It’s recommended everyone get their annual flu shot. Not just to prevent yourself from getting sick, but also those particularly at risk such as young children and seniors. Check in with you Bartell pharmacist on your immunization status. They can administer many of the vaccines available, so you can skip another trip to your doctor’s office.
  • Health Screenings: Starting 20+ it’s recommended that women get their blood pressure checked every 2 years at a minimum but ideally on a regular basis, and their cholesterol checked every 4-6 years. This is another wellness check that can be done right in our Bartell pharmacy! We have blood pressure machines available for patients to use at their convenience, and our pharmacists can conduct cholesterol screens, no appointment needed.
  • Dental Health: You know what your dentist says, floss once per day and brush your teeth twice per day. Electric toothbrushes like Sonicare, really do brush your teeth more effectively. Consider also a flouride rinse to prevent cavities. And of course, it’s a good idea to visit your dentist every six months for a cleaning.

Women 40+:

  • Eye Exam: Around the age of 40, it’s a good idea to make a visit to the ophthalmologist (if you haven’t already) to take a look at the overall health of your eyes. By the time you’re 65+, it’s recommended to make these visits more frequent (every 1-2 years) to test for macular degeneration, glaucoma, and cataracts. Of course, if you have certain medical conditions, you may be required to visit your ophthalmologist on a more frequent basis.
  • Blood Glucose Test: For those 45+, consider a blood glucose test roughly every 3 years to test for diabetes. If you’re at risk for diabetes, your doctor or health care provider may recommend a test earlier. This is another test we can do for you in our pharmacy department! Simply ask for this test at our pharmacy counter.

Women 50+:

  • Colonoscopy: It’s recommended both men and women over 50 get a colonoscopy every 10 years. This important procedure tests for colon cancer or any abnormalities.

Women 65+:

  • Bone Density Screen: Did you know women begin losing bone mass as early as 30 years old? This is one of the reasons why it’s great to incorporate strength-building exercises into your daily routine. Plus, make sure you’re getting an adequate intake of calcium and vitamin D. Talk to you health care provider about what activities and diet would work well for you. At 65+ it’s recommended to get a bone density screen to test for osteoporosis. Talk to your doctor to learn more information and to schedule an appointment.