Bartell’s canine collection will leave your dog happily wagging their tail.



Every kitty cat will love our menu of treats, food, and all-natural litters.



The Pacific NW has a wide variety of amazing wild birds. Fill your feeder with our Audubon-branded bird seed and suet blocks, and keep an eye out for Chickadees, Steller’s Jays, Junkos and more!

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When selecting what products to sell at Bartells, I always ask myself whether or not I'd feed, play, or use the product with my own pets. I want to make sure we sell only the very best."

Howie C., Pet Category Manager


We care about the health and wellness of your family, pets included! You can fill and auto-refill your pet prescriptions at your local Bartell Drugs with high quality pharmaceuticals and generic options at affordable prices. We also offer complete flea and tick protection with industry-leading products including: Heartgard, Heart Shield, TruProfen, and Advantage. Refill in-store, through guest refill at, or on the Bartell Drugs app.