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Pharmacy Services

The goal of every Bartell Drugs store is to treat our neighbors well. From vaccinations to vacations, we make health care a little easier for people who have a lot going on. Our pharmacists are trained to administer common vaccinations and perform basic health screenings to help you stay healthy all year round. 

Health Screening Services

Your local Bartell’s offers common health screenings for little or no cost. 

  • Travel Consult: $60
  • Additional Traveler: $40
  • Cholesterol: $40
  • Full Lipid: $45
  • TB: $30
  • Blood Glucose Testing: $10
  • Injection Fee: $20
  • Mediset Set-Up: $5
  • 20 Minute Consult Fee: $20

Services for those with Visual Impairment

Bartell Drugs is now offering three solutions for persons with visual impairment who cannot read the print on their prescription drug container labels.

Patients can receive either ScripTalk audible labels, ScripView large print labels, or Braille labels based on their need. Accessible prescription labels help low-vision patients safely and independently manage their medications and communicate more effectively with their pharmacist about their prescription needs.

The accessible label service is free to those who request it. To receive ScripTalk, ScripView or Braille labels, patients should discuss which accommodation would be best for themwith your Bartell Drugs’ pharmacist.

Senior Health & Safety


Using advanced “smart card” technology, our clinically validated and peer reviewed PharmaSmart® blood pressure machines revolutionize the way your blood pressure data is managed. PharmaSmart’s Blood Pressure Tracker™ web portal and mobile app let you confidentially access all of your smart card readings online from your computer or mobile device. 

It’s an easy way to increase your hypertension awareness and can help in your conversations with your pharmacist and doctor. Look for our biometric kiosks in the pharmacy area of your local Bartells and ask your Bartell Drugs Pharmacist how to get a Smart Card.

Access PharmaSmart Online Tracking

Medicare Part D

Need help choosing a Medicare Part D plan that is right for you? Beginning in October each year, you can elect to change Medicare Part D plans. Compare plans & enroll online in 3 easy steps. 

Appointment Schedule – October – December

(Tip: If you’re a dual-eligible Part D participant, you can change plans anytime during the year)

Talk to a Pharmacist at your local Bartell Drugs today.


Lifeline is an easy-to-use personal response service that ensures that older adults living at home get quick assistance whenever it is needed.

Call 1-866-674-9900 Ext 4456 for additional information.

American Medical ID

In an emergency, an engraved medical ID bracelet or necklace can provide time-saving and easy access to life-saving medical information. Medical IDs should be worn by those living with chronic or rare medical conditions, allergies and those taking multiple medications or blood thinners. To learn more or purchase visit the American Medical ID website.

Secure Medicine Return Program

For nearly 10 years, Bartell Drugs has partnered with King, Snohomish and Pierce Counties to pilot a medicine take-back, or Secure Medicine Return program in our communities to help keep our homes safe from unwanted and expired medications.  Effective April 1, 2016, Bartell Drugs will no longer serve as a drop-off point for unwanted or expired medications in any of our locations.  King County has been working diligently on an initiative to establish a medicine take-back program that will be more comprehensive. We anticipate this new program to be in place by June 16, 2016. 

In the interim, we encourage all of patients and guests to refer to your local county websites for further information about where to take your unwanted medications for proper disposal and handling. 

King County:

Pierce County:

Snohomish County:

We want to thank all of the local communities that we serve for their support of the Secure Medicine Return pilot program. We are very excited to know that our work helped to pave the way for the new King County Secure Medicine Return Program.  Moreover, other counties have begun new initiatives to establish similar Secure Medicine Return stewardship programs as well.

Dr. Scholl’s® Custom Fit® Orthotics

Dr. Scholl’s revolutionary FootMapping® technology identifies your arch type the areas of your feet where you put the most pressure. It then recommends the pair of orthotic Inserts that are best for you. Learn more on the Dr. Scholl’s website.

Available at: Ballard, Bellevue Village, Broadway & Pike, Crossroads, Edmonds, Magnolia, Lower Queen Anne & University Village. 


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