Prescription Reminders

Half of all people taking medications do not take them correctly. Lack of medication compliance is one of the biggest challenges facing our healthcare system today.


Do you take your medications correctly? Have you ever said …

  • “I take too many medications”
  • “I can’t remember to take my medications”
  •  “I don’t like how the medication makes me feel”

Or, maybe you’ve done the following:

  •  Forgot to pick-up your medication
  •  Visited the pharmacy more than twice a month
  •  Stopped taking your medication 

Education is one of the best ways to help you achieve your health goals and our pharmacy staff is here to support you and answer all your questions. 

Two easy and convenient medication programs for you to choose from based on your needs and lifestyle.


Receive your prescriptions every month without having to call in or go online for a refill. MyAutoScript tracks your medication and it’s automatically refilled every 30, 60, or 90 days, at which point you receive a reminder message for pick-up. Simple, convenient – designed for your busy life.


Make managing your medication regimen easy by having all your prescriptions filled at the same time, one day, one pick-up, once a month. MyRxSync includes a monthly check-in with your pharmacist to review any questions and changes in your health status and medication regimen to ensure the best plan to help manage your health.

Talk to your local Bartell Drugs pharmacy staff today about which pharmacy program works for you.