Winter Skincare

Tips for Your Winter Skincare Routine

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From the blistering wind to the chilly rain to drying central heating, winter can take a toll on your skin.

There are many easy steps you can take to make sure your skin is in tip-top shape. We’re here to help! With these quick winter skin care tips and a list of products we love, you’ll be on your way to having healthy, hydrated winter skin.

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Cleanse Gently

Washing your face is a vital part of any skin care routine; it helps to eliminate dirt, dead skin cells, and bacteria that can clog pores and lead to breakouts and dullness. However, your skin is extra sensitive during the winter, so switching your facial cleanser for richer, hydrating formulas is crucial. Also, avoid hot water, which dries and irritates your skin.

Choose gentle cleansers that are approved by board-certified dermatologists. These formulas won’t disrupt your skin’s pH or strip the natural oils away. You should also opt for fragrance-free cleansers; fragrances are typically alcohol-based, which can dry your skin. 

At Bartell’s, we carry a huge range of nourishing cleansers, including Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser. This dermatologist-approved formula contains glycerin and B vitamins to support and hydrate your skin.

Try a Face Mask

Face masks are a powerful nutrient punch for your skin.  During the winter, your skin needs some extra love and care, and an overnight mask is the perfect way to eliminate dry, dead skin cells and wake up with a dewy, radiant glow.

Different types of face masks have different purposes. Some offer anti-aging benefits, like fine line and wrinkle reduction; some tighten your pores and smooth your skin; others give your skin an intense dose of moisture. Some winter skin care products are used for acne, exfoliation, soothing, or hydration. This winter, hydrating and soothing formulas will be key to keeping your skin healthy.

Brands like Yes to, Pacifica and Alba are a few of our favorites, perfect for repairing and soothing your skin. Another of our favorites right now is Disobey Time Rose & Peptide mask from Pacifica! It has skin-loving benefits and gives you a moisturizing boost to get you through your day.

Stay Hydrated

Protect your skin from the winter weather and moisturize your body from the inside out. Staying hydrated helps your body flush out harmful toxins that can affect your skin’s appearance. For most of us, that means drinking 8 or more cups of water throughout the day. Have trouble staying on top of your water intake? Keeping a bottle of water handy will help remind you to take sips throughout the day. Or, consider adding just a bit of flavoring to your water to excite your taste buds and encourage you to sip more often.

Moisturize Morning and Night

Take steps in the morning and at night to moisturize your skin. Moisturizers and lotions help create a barrier that traps moisture inside the skin, preventing water loss. They also soothe inflammation and redness to relieve itching and flaking caused by dry skin. 

There are several hydrating ingredients to look for when buying moisturizers and lotions: emollients, humectants, and occlusives

Emollient moisturizers soothe, soften, and keep skin hydrated; they’re ideal for sensitive skin and skin prone to eczema or psoriasis. These include ingredients like lanolin and shea butter. 

Humectant moisturizers contain ingredients like hyaluronic acid and glycerin. These ingredients draw moisture into the skin from the surrounding environment and deeper skin layers to the surface, eliminating flaky skin cells and dullness. 

Occlusive ingredients include beeswax and cocoa butter. These form a skin barrier that prevents moisture from evaporating and keeps out environmental pollutants. Most high-quality moisturizing products contain a combination of all three, depending on what skin type or condition it is formulated for.

Carry a Quality Lip Balm

Cold air and low humidity indoors and out can lead to dry winter skin. However, your lips are some of the most sensitive and exposed areas on your face and need extra protection from the cold weather. 

Apply a rich lip balm containing ingredients like beeswax, lanolin, honey, and vitamin E to nourish and hydrate your lips and keep them kissably soft. Our favorite lip balm includes Burt’s Bees Ultra Conditioning formula, created with Kokum butter and antioxidant-rich Marula oil for softer, smoother lips this winter.

Get Some Sleep- Seriously.

Just like drinking water, this is an everyday task that many often push to the back burner. We understand life gets busy and there is always another thing on the to-do list. However, letting your body recharge is a radical act of kindness, especially for your skin’s health.

Create a consistent bedtime routine to signal to your body that it is time to rest. Start with a shower and a thorough skin care routine. Try stretching or yoga, journalling, or reading a chapter or two of a book before bed. Also ensure all your electronics are switched off at least an hour before you sleep, as the blue light can interfere with your circadian rhythm, making it challenging to get good quality rest. If you still struggle to fall and stay asleep, try a sleep aid like melatonin, a naturally-occurring sleep hormone that regulates your sleep-wake cycle.

Have an additional skincare tip to share or product you love? Tell us in the comments.