Delivery Details

Please visit our Amazon Storefront for details.

Delivery Zone Look-Up

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Unfortunately, we do not offer delivery to that zip code at this time. Check back soon for additional coverage areas.


Q: Is delivery available to all Bartell shoppers?

A: Delivery is limited to certain ZIP codes within the greater Seattle area. To determine whether we can deliver to you, please use our ZIP code look-up or learn more. Amazon delivery is available to all customers. 

Q: Should I expect any price differences between products in-store vs. online?
A: No, our prices are the same online as they are in-store. This includes our weekly specials and temporary price reductions.

Q: Does Amazon honor my coupons?

A: No, Amazon cannot support Bartell’s or manufacturer coupons. 

Q: Can I make my purchase on Amazon using a gift card?

A: No, Amazon does not accept Bartell’s gift cards as a form of payment. 

Q: Can I have my prescriptions delivered with Amazon?

A: Bartell’s prescriptions are not available for delivery at this time.

Q: How should I resolve customer service issues? 

A: For delivery and order tracking information, contact Amazon Customer Service online or through the Amazon app. In the app, open the main menu and tap “Contact Us.” For customer questions and concerns pertaining specifically to Bartell’s products, contact us at

Q: Can I return items I’ve purchased on Amazon?
A: Yes, customers can arrange returns or refunds by contacting Amazon Customer Service online or through the Amazon app. You can do so by clicking on “Contact Us” on their main menu. Note that we cannot accept any in-store returns.