Spring Break Ready

6 tips to help you escape the Seattle Gloom.

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Spring break is nearly here and it’s time to start prepping! Whether you’re traveling near or far, here are some tips to get you ready for a great vacation!

1. Pick your destination!

Skipping winter? Mexico, Hawaii, and the Caribbean are all excellent spring break getaways. Don’t mind the cooler weather? There are some excellent deals to Europe this time of year! But vacation doesn’t have to be far away. For some sunny warmth opt for California, Arizona, or Florida, or try a ski destination like Utah or Colorado – or even our own beautiful Washington state!

2. Traveling internationally? You’ll need a passport!

Check out this blog post on some tips and tricks for expediting your passport in Seattle!

3. Pack light!

Avoid paying a luggage fee by traveling light with just a carry-on roller bag and backpack. Travel pro tip: If the flight is full and they request roller bags to be checked in at the gate, you won’t pay a luggage fee!

4. Pick up travel-sized items from your local Bartell’s!

Bartells carries travel-sized shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotions, hairsprays, toothpaste, and more! Try Tresemme shampoo and conditioner, Dove body wash, Aveeno lotion, Aussie Mega hairspray, and Crest toothpaste to name a few! We also carry luggage tags, luggage locks, and travel kits.

5. Stay healthy!

Airplanes are just a fun name for germ-filled tubes. Give your immune system a boost before and during your trip with the help of Emergen-C, Airborne or Zicam, and pick up some travel-sized Purell hand sanitizer. Travel pro tip: Pick up a packet of antibacterial hand wipes and wipe down your tray table, touch screen, seatbelt buckle, and armrests! Flights land and have a quick turnaround time to get passengers off and re-load. The flight crew usually only has time to quickly pick up trash, not sterilize the whole plane. Imagine how many hands have touched the same things you’re about to!

6. Book a travel consultation with your local Bartell’s pharmacist!

Your pharmacist can assist with any information about immunizations and preventative prescriptions you may need for the destination you’re traveling to. You can easily book an appointment with our online Travel Consultation form.

It may seem like there’s a lot of prep work – but once you arrive at your destination with all your travel necessities and accessories, you’ll know it was worth it!

Where are YOU headed for spring break?