Bartell's currently offers Travel Clinic apppointments at select locations where you'll have to opportunity to meet one-on-one with your neighborhood pharmacist, who will work with you to create a customized travel plan.

Before your appointment, you'll fill out a questionnaire detailing your travel plans, prior vaccination history, current medication history, and other relevant health information. This is important to help you stay healthy while traveling. All decisions are based on the latest CDC guidelines, as well as, information on your travel destination that is current to the date of your appointment.

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  • I understand the benefits and risks of vaccines, and I authorize the Pharmacist identified below to administer it to me. I do not hold the authorizing Physician or the Pharmacist responsible for any adverse reaction. I understand it is recommended that I remain at the pharmacy for 10 – 15 minutes after the vaccination(s) in case of severe immediate reaction. A consultation fee will be charged, as well as the cost of any medications (or copay if insurance is billed) and/or vaccines you may be prescribed during your appointment. If your insurance does not cover the claim, you will be billed.