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Simple Ways to Celebrate Dad

Activities and gift ideas for dads of all kinds.

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| June 16, 2020
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Father’s Day is just around the corner (Sunday, June 21st 2020)! We know Dad’s Day might look a little different this year during social distancing, so we’ve put together some simple ideas for how to spend time with Dad, whether you get together or play it safe from a distance.

Day Hiking Snoqualmie Region Liberty Water Bottle

The Trailblazer Dad

If you live with Dad: Take him on a special hike this year, just the two of you. Bring along some of his favorite snacks, a mug filled with his favorite coffee, or even a celebratory beer when you reach the end. (We love Chukar Cherries, Caffe Capri Italia Coffee, and Bale Breaker Brewing to name a few!) For hiking options, a few of our easier favorites are:

For something a little more challenging, you could try:

If Dad has a green thumb, you could also plant some summer vegetables in the garden together. Some vegetables that grow well when planted in June are carrots, beets, radishes, potatoes, peas, and kale.

If you’re social distancing from Dad: Depending on the social distancing level you’re comfortable with, you could still do a walk or hike with Dad, just make sure you are keeping at least 6 feet between you while you hike. It still allows for a great time with conversation, laughter, and a bit of exercise. It is also recommended to wear a mask while hiking with people from outside your own household.

Gift ideas for the Trailblazer: A new backpack, a reusable Liberty Water Bottle, a REI gift card, a breathable rain jacket, a basket of trail snack goodies, or local hiking books like Day Hiking Snoqualmie Region or Day Hiking Central Cascades, available at your local Bartell’s.

GoSports Battlechip Set

The Coach

If you live with Dad: Set up an indoor mini-golf course using cups or mugs tilted on their side for the ‘holes.’ You can use golf clubs you already own or use something simple like a broom handle with a small piece of cardboard duct-taped to it. If you have the time, energy, and space for it, set up some obstacles like rolling cardboard ramps up a stack of books or cereal boxes to bounce angles off of. Or play some classic sports games with Dad like shooting some hoops or playing horse, kicking around the soccer ball, or some backyard softball.

If you’re social distancing from Dad: Some of the above sport options might still be ok here like kicking a soccer ball and playing softball or catch, just make sure you are maintaining distance. Or you could opt for a simple bike ride, where you can easily distance yourselves. One great bike trail option is the Foothills Trail in Orting, which follows along the Carbon River. Another option: Check out our Spirit of Competition blog for available sports to watch or play together remotely.

Gift ideas for the Coach: Pure Putt Mini Golf, Put-Thru Croquet Set, Battlechip Set, or Skullcandy Bluetooth Headphones, all available at Bartell’s!

Skiny Dipped Penut Butter Almonds, Gardettos, Pacific Gold Jerky nTrail Mix, Xbox Gift Card

The Pop Culture Guru:

If you live with Dad: Make it movie night! Make the popcorn, buy some movie snacks, kick back your feet, and have a movie marathon. Or binge a few episodes of his favorite show together. Is Dad more into games than movies? Have an old school board game night for the whole family with Clue, Life, Sorry, Risk, Scrabble, or any other board game you loved playing together during your childhood. He may even love to have a video game marathon with you. Did he spend his youth at arcades? Did he have the original Nintendo? Even if he never played video games, maybe he’d love an afternoon learning how from you.

If you’re social distancing from Dad: With the internet and technology these days, almost anything is possible. Download Netflix Party to be able to watch something together online. There are also plenty of websites and games you can either download or play together online, including a ton of board games!

Gift ideas for the Guru: A year’s worth of subscription to Netflix, Hulu, HBO, or any other subscription service, a Steam or Xbox gift card, a movie snack basket, or a new board game. Bartell’s carries lots of great snacks and board games!

Silicone Shark Bites mold

The Head Chef:

If you live with Dad: Breakfast in bed! A classic go-to for Mother’s Day, make it a trend for Father’s Day, too. Eggs, bacon, pancakes, fresh fruit, coffee, the works. Is he a fancy dad? Opt for an omelet, crepes, and mimosas! Or challenge dad to the ultimate quarantine cook-off: See what you can make with whatever’s laying around in the pantry. Whoever has the most delicious or creative dish wins!

If you’re social distancing from Dad: Jump on a video call and have a cook-off or bake-off together. You could even bake each other something delicious over video chat and drop your creation off at his door a few hours later!

Gift ideas for the Chef: Gift card to a local restaurant like Ivar’s, Dick’s, Trencher’s, or Trapper’s Sushi to name a few, shark-bites Silicone Baking Mold (available at your local Bartell’s!), some new grill utensils or accessories, a gift basket full of delicious BBQ sauces, dry rubs, and a brand-new cookbook.

The Do-It-Himselfer:

If you live with Dad: Find something to build together – a birdhouse, doghouse, shelving, a car, you name it! If he’s thinking of redoing part of the house, help him paint a few rooms or put the new light fixtures in together. Design a new back yard together with new shrubbery and flowers or build a raised garden bed.

If you’re social distancing from Dad: Offer to take a trip to the local hardware store and get him what he needs for his next project. You can drop off the supplies at his house along with a cup of coffee or tasty beverage of his choice. Or go one step further and offer to help him with some of the outdoor to-dos like laying new bark down or fixing up the fence!

Gift ideas for the Fix-It Man: A gift card to your neighborhood hardware store, new tool(s), safety equipment, or go big and get him a drone-building kit!