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Refresh Your Evening Routine

4 simple ways to shake up your night time rituals.

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| February 5, 2020
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The workday is over. You’re beat and want nothing more than to just get home and relax. While downtime is important, we don’t want you to feel like you’re in a rut at home! Refresh your evening routine with these easy steps!

1. Take care of your skin. ~5 mins.
Wash the day away with a gentle cleanser from Neutrogena. Their Deep Clean Purifying cream-to-foam detox cleanser is just what you need to feel refreshed and clean. As a last skincare step before bed, add a nighttime moisturizer like Olay Regenerist Night Recovery Cream to your face and neck. Night creams like Olay Regenerist nourish and refresh your skin while you rest.

2. Step up your oral care game! ~5 mins.
If you end up with a cavity or two despite daily brushing, consider going for a sonicare toothbrush instead. A sonicare electric toothbrush vibrates the gunk and grime right off your teeth, leaving them extra clean and shiny. What about the other stuff? Flossing can be a pain – so try out the Waterpik Cordless Express Water Flosser! It’s easy to use and has great benefits to your oral health. For an extra rinse and layer of cavity-fighting protection, try the #1 dentist-recommended brand ACT mouthwash. And if you’re thinking about going for more natural options for your toothpaste, you’ve come to the right place! Bartell’s has a great assortment of more natural toothpaste brands like Hello!, Burt’s Bees, Schmidt’s and Tom’s of Maine.

3. Pamper those baby blues.
Unless you are sporting spectacles (or reluctantly need them), you likely don’t think about your eyes very often. Giving them a little love is a great way to refresh your routine. There’s a lot of screen time in our lives and your eyes work really hard. Take a minute at night to clean both your glasses and your contacts (we recommend Clear Care for contacts). This goes a long way to maintain good eye health. Also consider using a lubricating eye drop like GenTeal Tears if your eyes feel dry. Don’t just focus on your eyeballs. The muscles around your eyes work hard all day, too! Try using Burt’s Bees Rejuvenating Eye Masks to revive tired eyes.

4. Rest and relaxation.
Snuggling up in bed is a great part of the night. Finally, time to rest. Before you burrow into your blankets, be sure to take your vitamins. Melatonin is a great vitamin to take regularly to help improve your sleep. OLLY Sleep Gummies are tasty and they boost your body’s natural sleep hormone to mellow your mind and calm your senses.

Routine is great – but there are many benefits to changing it up. Which one of these will you add into your evening routine?

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