Refresh Your Morning Routine

6 tips to make the best of your morning.

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We all have a routine in the morning. Some of us like to wake up early, start the day out slowly and enjoy a little coffee before getting ready for work. Others wait until the very last minute to get out of bed and then sprint around their house before they jet out the front door – leaving chaos in their wake.

There’s beauty in routine, whether it’s ordered Zen, a chaotic tumult, or somewhere in between. Routine be the eye of the storm that is the day ahead. But what if it could be better? Here are a few suggestions to reset and shake up your morning to get started on the right foot. Set your alarm; it’s time to make your morning great!

1. Wake up a little earlier than normal.
This is an easy way to change up your routine and help you immediately feel a little more accomplished. It might mean a shift in when you go to bed, but allocating extra time for attacking the day can feel better and more productive than burning 30 mins or more zoning out, flipping through social media, or streaming a second episode of the latest must-watch series before drifting off to sleep.

2. Have a quick workout!
Science time! The more cardiovascular exercise you perform, the more mitochondria the body makes. Mitochondria are your cell’s powerhouses, whose job it is to convert nutrients into energy. Healthy mitochondria contribute to the body’s ability to process fats and carbs into energy, support your immune system and generate body heat.

Be sure to fuel your workout with hydration, then follow up with protein when you’re finished!

P.S. Bartell’s carries an array of supplements to fit any workout. Lenny and Larry’s Complete Cookies are packed with protein, super tasty and are an easy grab-n-go option. Or, try out the Vega Protein Mix. Delicious, nutritious and vegan!

3. Hit the showers!
A morning shower can boost alertness. Just keep the water somewhat cooler (not cold) to avoid dramatically raising your body temperature, which can have the opposite effect.

Refresh your basic soap & water and routine with shower tablets! Engage your senses with Aromatherapaes Spa Shower Tablets with Eucalyptus & Peppermint. The refreshing aroma will help you up your alertness level and make you feel pampered all in one fell swoop!!

4. Get Grooming!
For many of us, now comes the complicated part. Hair and makeup. Some mornings, it feels like a tedious task – and others you feel like creating a masterpiece. For a quick and easy shake-up to your routine, try out a new brand of makeup! Kokie is a high quality, affordable option with great brushes, foundations and pallets!

Hair time: Wash, rinse, repeat – and use Pacifica Beach Wave to get luscious moisturized locks!

Time-saving tip! Make sure to blowout your hair the night before or sleep in a hairstyle that will hold well overnight.

For an easy ‘do, throw your hair into a twisted top knot with a tie that won’t create creases. Then simply take it out in the morning, wake, shake and go!

Guys! Move your shaving routine into the shower. Not only does it save you time, but the warm water softens your facial hair and makes your skin supple. This helps blade glide easier, thereby helping to prevent razor burn and skin irritation. Just make sure to add an affordable fog resistant mirror to your shower situation.

Sensitive skin? Add a pre-shave product like M Skin Care’s Pre-Shave Oil to your regimen, followed by a moisturizing post shave lotion or balm. Nivea has a number of great options, but your local Bartell’s has a great selection from a variety of trusted brands.

5. Brusha brusha brusha
When’s the last time you replaced your toothbrush? If the answer is anywhere in the neighborhood of “Hmmm. Uh. Let me think…”, it’s time to make a switch!

Dentists recommend you sub in a new brush every three months. Although hard bristles do a great job on your teeth, many dentists agree that they do the opposite to your gums. Keep those bristles soft to take care of both of your smile essentials.

Shake things up further, figuratively and literally by getting a Sonicare, dentists’ #1 recommended electric toothbrush! Your teeth will never feel smoother and cleaner than after a morning brush using a Sonicare (available at your local Bartell’s!).

While you’re swapping out the brush, grab a new paste! Check out Tom’s fluoride-free toothpaste or something from the naturally-friendly Hello brand.

6. A place for everything, and everything in its place!
Especially if you’re getting up a bit early, do a quick tidy before you leave the house. When you get back after running a days-worth of errands, a long day at work, shuttling kids to school and beyond, you’ll come home to a cleaner house and be able to put your remaining energy to other use.

On extra busy days, set up the washing machine so it’s easy to start a load when you’re ready. Multiply the convenience factor by having a stock of Tide Pods for a compact, convenient clean punch to your dirty clothes

Have a great day!
Remember routine and rut don’t need to be synonymous! When your regimen starts to get stale, mix it up. You are the captain of your own ship, so steer it in another direction when you aren’t feeling your current course!

Have you mixed it up lately? Let us know what’s worked for you! Looking to give your routine a jostle? Let us know which suggestion you’ll try first!