(Way more than) 5 things to do around Seattle this summer

How to get the most out of Summer in Seattle.

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Summers in Seattle area are gloriousXXX

Clear, sunny skies, moderate temperatures, and mild nights come together to make weekends built for getting out, getting together, and creating memories to last through the rainy season (also known as the rest of the year). Looking for suggestions on what to do? Let’s say we’ve got a few ideas.

1. Farmer’s markets

Strolling through one of the many farmers markets, in and around Seattle, is a great way to spend a summer afternoon and explore the many neighborhoods our region has to offer. Grab your tote bag and head out to one of these markets, where you can pick up fresh local produce, peruse artisanal crafts and support local businesses.

Seattle Area


South of Seattle

North of Seattle

Get your grill on

When it comes to laid-back, warm-weather entertaining, look no further than your own backyard. So fire up the grill and call your friends and neighbors for a leisurely summer afternoon.

Be sure to stock up on party essentials (beverages, plenty of food and seating, and a little insect repellent), and you’re set for a great time. This might also be the perfect excuse to experiment with something new—try your hand at making a batch of unique s’mores or blackberry mojitos!

Make sure you’ve got music to set the mood, (and point your speakers at the wall of your house—as opposed to facing out toward the yard. This will bounce the sound off the wall and amplify it throughout your back yard).

And if you need anything else, we’ve got you covered with a few more tips for a great backyard party.

Outdoor movies

Summer evenings are perfect for outdoor movies. Bring the kids (depending on the movie and venue), a lawn chair, blankets, a snack, and something to sip on. It’s like an old-fashioned drive-in, without the cars.

(* Denotes free admission, 21+ denotes no one underage)

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South of Seattle

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Summer festivals

Summer is a great time to share experiences. Whether these festivals are new to you or like old, familiar friends, there are enough events throughout the region to cater to your tastes—or to tickle your fancy with something unexpected. Here are a few of our favorites.




Something you’ve never tried before

When we were kids, summer was a seemingly endless time of exploration. Time-off from the everyday and time to try new experiences. Experiences that would eventually become treasured memories.

Why does that have to stop? True, you don’t have months off from your responsibilities, but there is still plenty of time this summer for you to experience something new.

  • A road trip to someplace you’ve never been?
  • Planting a garden?
  • Stand up paddle boarding with your kids?
  • Sky diving!?

Unlike this summer, the possibilities are endless. And whatever new thing you try this summer, know that in in just a few short years, you’ll have some new treasured memories.