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Washington Wine Month

Reds, whites, and bubbles, oh my!

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Tanya S. - Bartell's Employee | March 23, 2021
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Hi! I’m Tanya. I’m the Social Media and Events Specialist here at Bartell’s and a bit of a wine connoisseur in my free time. Having worked several years in restaurants and a winery, I’ve had the opportunity to both serve and taste lots of different wines, not to mention the countless wine tastings I’ve done around Washington, California, France, New Zealand, and Australia. While not a professional, my team would definitely agree that I’m the team wine expert! I hope you enjoy my recommendations below and who knows – you might find your new favorite! Cheers everyone!

*Tasting notes provided are from the wine label’s websites.

Washington Wine Month 14 Hands Cabernet Sauvignon

14 Hands Cabernet Sauvignon

From Prosser
Rich, juicy red that features aromas of dark cherry, black currant, coffee and subtle hints of spice.

“14 Hands produces a lot of great varietals, but the Cab Sauv has to be my favorite. If I’m cooking a steak for dinner, chances are I’m drinking this with it. This one is a great one to bring over to a friend’s house for dinner, too.”

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Washington Wine Month Domaine Ste Michelle Rose Brut

Domaine Ste Michelle Brut Rosé

From Woodinville
Ripe strawberry with hints of apple and citrus. Subtle spice and berry flavors followed by an elegant, sweet finish.

“I love this Rosé. It’s a nice dry brut, not too sweet, and has lovely fruit flavors. So nice with some light appetizers!”

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Washington Wine Month Barnard Griffin Pinot Gris

Barnard Griffin Pinot Gris

From Richland
Bright, floral nose with accents of honeycomb and pineapple. The zesty, tart mouthfeel is balanced by rich orange, pear and apple fruit flavors.

“Pinot Gris’ were my go-to whites for nearly 10 years. I didn’t know of this one until I started working with Bartell’s, but once I tasted it instantly fell in love. I love pairing this with grilled fish or seafood pasta.”

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Washington Wine Month Cense Grapefruit Wine Spritzer

Cense Grapefruit Wine Spritzer

From Walla Walla
A combination of wine, sparkling seltzer, and natural flavors make for a crisp and refreshing drink with a hint of grapefruit. No artificial sweeteners or flavors.

“I love all the flavors, but grapefruit is my favorite. A lot of seltzers are too sweet for me, but this one isn’t – it has the right amount of ‘zest’ to be refreshing. It’s been my favorite new beverage that I discovered last summer.”

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Washington Wine Month H3 Merlot

Columbia Crest H3 Merlot

From Paterson
Aromas of spice, plum and blackberry with the perfect balance of earth, cocoa and ripe black cherry notes on the palate followed by a smooth, velvety finish.

“This is my go-to wine to bring to dinner parties as a gift for the host. Everyone loves it – it’s a nice, full-bodied flavor with low tannins. Easy to drink and pairs well with a lot of foods!”

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Washington Wine Month Liquid Light Sauvignon Blanc

Liquid Light Sauvignon Blanc

From Washington State
Citrus, tropical and orchard fruits with a flash of acidity typical of Washington State’s cool climate.

“This Sauv Blanc just screams summer to me. A sunny Seattle day, sitting on the deck with friends or family – yes please!”

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Washington Wine Month House Wine Sangria

House Wine Sangria

From Walla Walla
Bright notes of ripe naval orange fill the nose with hints of cinnamon and clove while on the palate, a light effervescence adds a refreshing quality to the spiced red berry, summer stone fruit.

“If sangria is calling your name, but you don’t feel like buying the ingredients and making it yourself, this is a great alternative. Just remember that 1 can of wine is the equivalent of half a bottle!”

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