Ultimate Stocking Stuffer Suggestions

Transform your stocking situation from boring oversized socks to an experience that rocks!

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Santa, or a certified subcontracted Elf, has been watching you all year. He knows your likes and dislikes, and what makes your heart light up with so much joy it’s enough to fuel you for the next 365 days.

On a recent trip to the NP (as we insiders refer to the “North Pole), I sat down with Santa and the crew and got the skinny on how they strategically approach to assembling the ultimate gift containing footwear.

“It comes down to five distinct crowd-pleasing categories. Something tasty, something sentimental, something fun, something indulgent, and something goofy. The best stuffers, though, overlap across two or more categories. Pop Rocks for example, to the right person are a sentimental taste of goofy fun, conjuring the simplicity and novelty of youth via a cacophony of fruit flavored mouth explosions. Also, don’t feel restricted to the stocking’s max capacity. A couple ‘overflow’ stuffers give the event a great feeling of ‘abbondanza’.”

Whether the stocking stuffer at your house is Santa, designated grown-ups, or three wise men, I submit to you a list of big & small options designed carry you through the last-minute holiday frenzy (and available at your local Bartell’s*). Let’s go!


Seattle Chocolates:

Whether you do the trio box (while supplies last!) or the individual bars, Seattle Chocolates and their festive woodland creatures packaging will make a morning merry and bright. Don’t let me get close to your supply of Toffee Salt bars. I can’t end up on the naughty list. Again.


(+ indulgent) Simple, but addictive. Pretzels, chocolate, salted caramel.

Pacific Gold Jerky Trail Mix:

Portable 1.8 oz. packs are perfect for lunch boxes, back packs or sizable pockets. Several flavors available that mix dried fruit, seeds, jerky and other special guest flavors.


‘A Christmas Story’ Merch:

(+Fun, + Goofy) A Christmas Story holds a special place in many a heart. Along with multiple timeslots, all holiday long, on basic cable. Relive Ralphie’s trials and tribulations, or celebrate his small victories with games, puzzles, candy & sassy Leg Lamps (mini replica & night light). Fra-Gee-Lay!

Rosana Local Artist Collection Porcelain Coasters:

If you’ve never said, “Wow, that’s a beautiful coaster”, prepare yourself for a new experience. These small circular works of art celebrate the city and area we love. Designs include Ballard Locks, the Seattle Viaduct (R.I.P.!) & the Seattle Skyline.

Bartell’s Evergreen Point Floating Bridge Ornament:

Don’t be cynical. Yes, we made this one, but you’ll wish you did when you lay your eyes on this year’s exclusive ornament. Every year I get myself one ornament to add to the collection. As is tradition in my family, when my kids fly the coop, they’ll get to take with them their choice of ornaments to start their own traditions. That being said, I hope they don’t take this one.

Mr. Rogers Merchandise:

(+fun) Celebrate your childhood and the impact Fred Rogers had on you with a selection of inspired items. Lunch boxes, Sweater Changing Mugs Quote books and more. Remind yourself how Mr. Rogers spoke softly and inspired a generation to be more kind. We’re proud to be your neighbor since 1890!


Pez dispensors:

(+sentimental +goofy) Pop culture characters from which you extract neck candy? This seems the definition of fun. Also, there is no more appropriate time to receive a Pez dispenser than in a Christmas stocking.

Funkoverse Strategy Game:

(+sentimental) There are other pop culture board games, but this is the only one featuring adorably dynamic Funko POP! play pieces. Dive into the Harry Potter and DC Universes, or mix and match to settle the time old question of who would win a fight, Nightwing or Harry Potter. I’ll give you a hint, he holds a stick. The joke here is they both hold sticks.


(+sentimental) The classic building toy is a no brainer. Mini-figure blind bags and mini-sets not only fit in modest stockings, but modest budgets.

Hershey’s Cast-Iron Skillet Gift Sets:

Kids and adults alike will enjoy mixing and baking this small treat cooked and served in a little cast-iron skillet. Long after the treat is gone, you’ll have a little skillet within which to create new treats to share with family and friends. Or not.


Prosecco or Sparkling Wine:

(+tasty) Add some bubbles to the morning mix. La Marca Prosecco and Townshend Sparkling Wine are two of my favorites. Just don’t overdo the Mimosas or Bellini’s or you might bellini-ing over the rest of the day. Did I mention I’m a dad?

Spirit Gift Sets:

(+tasty) Bailey’s, Jack Daniels, Jameson, Crown Royal & more! I feel these are pretty self-explanatory, so I’ll just add that Bartell’s also carries a fun array of mini spirit bottles from which you can mix and match a variety of options.

RoC Retinol Correxion:

RoC has been a superstar skincare brand for years and there are few better ways to pamper and indulge your giftee than with their Retinol Correxion line of eye cream, night cream or wrinkle fighters. Skin is your giftee’s largest organ, so let it RoC.

Butter London Nail Lacquer:

The office is abuzz about this relatively new arrival. Toxin and cruelty free, butter’s range of lacquer colors can make your giftee look good and feel good about it being done in the right way.

Freeman 12 Days of Masking:

Why give one gift when you can give one gift that is actually 12 gifts? Freeman uses their 40 years of experience to formulate a relaxing range of masks to help your giftee de-stress and frighten their children by waking them up while still wearing one.


Archie McFee Assortment

(+Fun) Whether you give the unicorn head squirrel feeder, stress relieving foam manatee, or one of their other signature conversation starters, you’ll surely put a smile on someone’s face. They even have a wind-up pigeon so cute you’ll momentarily forget that pigeons are basically rats with wings.

Festivus Aluminum Pole

(+sentimental, +fun) What’s with Seinfeld fans that don’t have an Festivus Pole? For the holiday averse guest, this pole reminds them not only that they’re not alone in their disdain for the classic range of holidays, but also that Seinfeld was a really good TV show.

Strideline Socks:

(+Fun, +Sentimental) What are the holidays without the classic joke of socks stuffed inside a bigger sock? With Strideline, turn the phrase “I got socks” from a groan to a whoa! Our friends, and Seattle based sock mavens, know how to please the locals with inspired designs. From Seahawks QB Russell Wilson to late night recovery staple Dicks Burgers, and beyond, there are crowd-pleasing designs for all! Give your giftee’s feet a comfy fabric high-five this holiday season!

Holiday Scarf with LEDs:

(+Fun) Nothing says the holiday’s like festively festooned accessories. Does anything say festive festoonment more than tiny lights? I say nay, and giftees will say “Yay!” when they extract one of our holiday scarves from the depths of their gift receptacle.

*selection may vary by store. While supplies last!