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Treat Yourself 2020

Achievable New Year's Resolutions

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| January 2, 2020
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What if we all dedicated 2020 to loving ourselves? Sometimes that love can come in the form of physical self-care like a nice bath and a face mask or it can come in the form of mental self-care like meditation or journaling.

Whatever form of self-care you prefer, let the new year be a time to care for yourself.

Here’s a resolution that we can all stick to: Treat Yourself 2020.

The idea is that once a month, you treat yourself. Whether it’s with a night in or a night out, a treat or a barre class, a new book or a new hairstyle – take the time this year to do something once a month that makes you happy.

How it works:

Grab a pen and paper. It’s planning time!

Between now and the end of January, select 12 things that you like to do, eat, experience, or have been meaning to try out.

Do you have your 12? Good! Now, pair each one of those things with a month.

It could look like this:

January – Try a spin class on January 16th

February – At-home spa day on February 9th

March – Send “thinking of you” cards to friends and family on March 4th

…and so on. Try and be very specific about the dates you choose and stick to those dates. It’s easy, right? These are all things you like and that you should be excited to do!

Now that you’ve got your list, grab some envelopes and cards to write on. Label each envelope with one month of the year, write your intended “thing” on the card and seal it inside. While, January won’t be that big of a surprise, by the time March rolls around, you most likely won’t remember what your “treat” is that month.

On the first of every month, open your card. Set a calendar reminder for the date you’ve chosen and make sure you’re ready for that day! You could even take it one step further and for the months that you’ve chosen to gift yourself something, go out and purchase those items in January, wrap the items, put them in a box and open them when it’s that month’s treat!

So many resolutions are lofty and sometimes unattainable. This one is something you’ll look forward to time and time again!

What’s going to be on your list this year?