Tips for Spring Indoor Planting

Freshen up your living room or kitchen with these plants and succulents.

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One of the best ways to give your home a fresh look for spring is to add some indoor plants!

Potted Plants and Flowers

Potted plants can be a great way to liven up a room in your house or apartment with a little greenery. Different plants require different amounts of direct or indirect sunlight, which will require first deciding which rooms and corners you want to place them.

Some heartier plants that require less maintenance (who doesn’t want that?!) are split leaf philodendrons, peace lilies, flamingo flowers, umbrella trees, rabbit’s foot ferns, croton, sago palms, and bromeliads.

A Few Pro Tips

1. Container plants require a bit more fertilizer than outdoor plants, so we suggest supplementing your soil with a good fertilizer

2. Make sure your pot has adequate drainage. If your pot or container doesn’t have a hole for drainage, consider leaving your plant in the plastic container and then placing it in your pot.

3. One of the top reasons indoor plants fail is either over-watering, or under watering. A general rule of thumb is to water your indoor plants about 1x per week, but do a little research on the specifics of your plant before you start your watering routine.

Cactuses and Succulents

Cactuses and succulents are a cute way to spruce up a room if you don’t have much space to work with. They work great for windowsills and ledges. Both require a different type of fertilizer that holds on to less water than standard garden fertilizer. Cactuses and succulents will require as much sunlight as you can offer them for optimal growth and lifespan.

Great varieties for the northwest include silver torch cactus, copper ladyfinger cactus, blue barrel cactus, old lady cactus, mini jade, fairy washboard, haworthia, burro’s tail, earth star, and various types of echeveria. And, like other indoor potted plants, these will require adequate drainage – too much water is the fastest way to kill them!

Your neighborhood Bartell Drugs sells an assortment of gardening equipment such as watering cans, spades, garden gloves, soil, pots, and a wide variety of flower and vegetable seeds.

What gardening tips do you have for our readers?