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Teddy Bear Patrol

Bartell’s helps spread bear hugs throughout the Puget Sound.

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| April 3, 2019
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In moments of distress, it’s not easy to help console those affected. First responders, emergency room personnel and law enforcement officials do what they can to diffuse difficult situations. With help from a stuffed teddy bear, that task becomes a little bit easier.

For the past 30 years, Bartell’s has been a supporter and donation source for Teddy Bear Patrol; a program created by local radio station, WARM 106.9. The mission of this program is to help those interacting with first responders find calmness in stressful situations through the comfort of a teddy bear. During the month of April, Bartell’s and WARM 106.9 partner together to help send “bear hugs” through this successful program.

Bartell’s is proud to have helped collect over 300,000 teddy bears over the past 30 years. We support Teddy Bear Patrol because we truly know that it makes a difference in the lives of those in our communities.

These bears can positively impact not only children, but anyone in any life stage that may find themselves in a traumatic situation involving first responders. Because of this program, police officers, nurses and EMTs have something tangible that they’re able to offer to help comfort those dealing with trauma or stress. Simply receiving a teddy bear can bring calm and peace to those affected.

Howie’s Story

My son got hurt and needed immediate care. We rushed him to the emergency room. The visit started with him getting a bear from the Teddy Bear Patrol to help calm his nerves. It was so thoughtful and very helpful. He has had that bear with him for every doctor of hospital visit since then. He even brought it with him to his first day of kindergarten. This program really makes a difference.

All Bartell’s locations will participate in the donation drive from now until April 27th. Customers are encouraged to visit their neighborhood location, purchase an official teddy bear and Bartell’s will match the contribution, bear for bear.


We have collected 49,604 teddy bears this year! Thanks to all who helped donate bear hugs!

In sponsorship with Warm 106.9 Teddy Bear Patrol