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Take Control of Your Diabetes

Learn about our new and affordable diabetes management program.

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| November 13, 2018
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Managing diabetes can be expensive, but with Bartell Drugs it doesn’t have to be. We have teamed up with ARKRAY, Your Diabetes Health Ally, to provide quality diabetes management at a price you can afford!

With this new partnership, you can get a new talking GLUCOCARD® Expression™ blood glucose meter at no charge* and a 50 count supply of diabetes test strips for just $9.99. At a price less than your average copay, this program is great for anyone paying cash or more than $10 with insurance for their diabetes test strips…skip the copay and save!

With our new diabetes management program you not only get a new meter and test strips for just $9.99, but you also have access to robust education programs for pre-diabetics and diabetics alike.

Cost-effective Management

Patients can receive a new blood glucose meter at no charge* and 50 test strips for just $9.99. The GLUCOCARD Expression is a downloadable talking meter with additional features to meet your testing needs.
diabetes management glucocard expression

  • Large display and tactile buttons
  • Talking (English/Spanish)
  • Downloadable
  • Auto coding


Looking for resources on diabetes management?

We’ve got you covered.

With our new program, you not only get quality diabetes care, but the tools and resources you need for overall health and wellness. With Bartell Drugs, you have access to a robust set of tools to help you make small, simple changes for healthier outcomes.

diabetes management wellness kit

Diabetes Wellness Kit

As part of our new program, you can receive a diabetes wellness kit at no cost. Simply register your new meter and your kit will be mailed out to you. Register online or call 1.800.566.8558


diabetes management website

Diabetes Management Resources

In addition to the diabetes wellness kit, you can get all sorts of free online wellness resources for living a healthy lifestyle.

Sign up here and also ask your pharmacist about our other services.


*Program includes (1) no charge blood glucose meter per year, per patient. Patient must purchase a 50 count supply of GLUCOCARD test strips at the time of redemption to qualify for their no-charge meter. Offer valid while supplies last.