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| September 12, 2019
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Grab your jersey, some snacks and your team spirit! It’s tailgate time!

This classic American Football tradition brings out the best spirit in all fans – and we’re here to help you prep for the ultimate tailgating experience. Whether you’ve got the best seat in the house (usually the recliner right in front of the TV) or you’re going to the game, here are a couple of tips to get you started!


TV? Check. Couch? Check. Friends? Check. It’s time to get amped for the game!
If you’re the host(ess) with the most-est, here are a couple of things to ensure you’ve got the best party on the block:

  • Snacks – Everything from pretzels, cheese, sausage and chips – to hot dogs, hamburgers and the occasional veggie dog. Looking to get creative with your snack mixing skills? Get inspired by watching our DIY Sweet and Spicy Snack Mix video.
  • Beverages – Take the party to the next level with a couple of growlers filled at your local Bartell’s! Or pick up some of the best selection of local beers, wines and spirits.
  • Apparel – Cover yourself in green and blue with the help of our local football apparel and team gear section. Huskies or Cougs fan? We’ve got you covered, too.

We’re headed to the game:

Since there’s not much space to tailgate near the stadium, check out these great hot spots to hit before you head in!

  • Fly up to The Hawks Nest! This bustling sports bar with pub fare is just what you need to get into the spirit!
  • For the big group – Check out Pyramid Alehouse! This modern brewpub can accommodate more friends than the usual hot-spot. With a great beer in hand and an outdoor area to hang, what more could you ask for?
  • Grab a bite at Henry’s Tavern! This close-by bar and grill has game day specials, snacks and a great atmosphere to get you amped up for the event ahead.
  • Or – for those who want to create their own game day experience, try your hand on Occidental Avenue. Where the early hawk gets the spot, you can set up your own party and create a game-day experience all your own!

Reigning like Cougs and Dawgs:

  • Kickin’ it Old School! Hungry for a traditional tailgating experience? Rally in the parking lots of Husky Stadium for all of the classics: lawn games, loud music, and libations. Hit up E1 (north lot), E12/15 (south lots), E8 & 9 (mid lots) and C & N (upper campus lots) for the time-honored experience. RVs, pick-up trucks, big ole tents, this is where the memories are made.
  • You’re on a boat! Sailgating? Yes. That’s a thing. On a nicer day, take your boat, or a friends out on Lake Washington to experience one of the most unique fan experiences in the country. Crank up the yacht rock, put the game on and enjoy what it truly means to be a fan in the Puget Sound.
  • Let someone else do the work. – Reduce your workload, and crowd size, by hitting up some of the best Husky bars in the area.Northlake Tavern The pizza is delicious. The ambience is dawg centric. It’s close, but not too close to campus.The Ram Each location does a solid job of providing a comfortable setting to watch the game and grab some quality grub and suds. Hit the U Village location for the most authentic experience.Brave the Ave. For a more boisterous scene, hit up one of the various spots near and along University Way. Finn MacCool’s, a favorite (Dude! It’s got cool in the name!), but there are a multitude of options. Variety is the spice of life.

    All Sails no Fails Are you a die-hard dawg with a serious appetite? Make reservations for Ivar’s Husky Brunch and Boat Cruise! Gorge your fandom on a mind-blowing brunch buffet as you rock a round trip cruise to Husky Stadium. Not a fan of brunch? No problem. Target a late game and dive into their dinner buffet.

  • For all steadfast Coug Fans
    Marco Polo Pub This Georgetown juggernaut is steeped in Cougerdom. Tear into a COUG Supreme, a delicious 1/3rd lb. burger while sporting that crimson and silver.Magnolia Village Pub Another die-hard Coug spot, The MVP should be your MVP if you’re ready to show some Wazzu love. It’s renowned friendly staff, good brews, and pub fare will keep you coming back game after game.

Here’s to fall, football and rooting for your favorite team!

Please share your pro-tips to help your fellow fans make the most of game day!