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Surprise! It’s at Bartell’s

Bartell customer, Katie, shares 9 surprises about what you'll find at our drugstores.

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| January 22, 2020
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You might be surprised to hear that folks in the PNW frequently profess their love for a drugstore. But it’s true! We’re proud to have a local pharmacy that’s been a Seattle staple for 130 years (wow!). It’s not just that Bartell’s has been around the block (literally) a time or two. They have a whole host of products and services that you’ll be surprised to find at your neighborhood drugstore. Read on to discover some of my favorite surprise finds at Bartell’s over the years.

7 Surprising Things You’ll Find At Bartell’s

1. Bartell’s Pet Aisle: Looking for natural dog treats, cat litter, puppy pads and organic food? Surprise! It’s at Bartell’s! Bartell’s pet selection is seriously impressive – and the proof is in the poodle. Yep, your pets will love this selection as much as you will! I really like that I can find a good selection of organic and natural products that I feel safe giving to my cats. I’m usually found here picking up some cat litter and maybe throwing some cat treats into my basket sometimes. (Okay, all the time.)

2. Bartell’s Beauty Guarantee: Bartell’s beauty guarantee is simple, but awesome: “Buy it, like it or bring it back.” This means you don’t have to ponder about your perfect shade of lip gloss or blush by looking at the package. Take it home and try it instead. If you don’t like the cosmetics you purchased, return it, ripped packaging and all for a full refund! This has definitely come in handy when I’m not sure if a particular shade of foundation makes me look like a person or a walking orange. How cool is that?

3. Bartell’s Candy Aisle: I’m going to let you in on a little secret – Bartell’s candy aisle has a pretty sweet reputation… a reputation for having the best assortment of candy and sweets around town. They’ve got hard candies, soft candies, chocolate, gum, and mints. They even have vintage candy like local Liberty Orchards, Brown & Haley, and chocolate-covered maraschino cherries. And they have the newest candy from all the brands you love. My favorite? Theo’s new coffee toffee chocolate. YUM. I can’t get enough of it!

4. Bartell’s Travel Clinic: Going on an international trip? At Bartell’s, you can make a one-on-one appointment with one of their pharmacists to discuss any vaccines you might need, medicine for things like sea sickness if you’re boat-bound, upset stomachs for food-related issues, or even if you’ll need bug spray or sunscreen! Bartell’s pharmacists research your specific travel destinations to help you feel safe and comfortable during your next adventure. P.S. – need passport photos? Surprise! It’s at Bartell’s. I got my passport pictures taken at the Greenlake Bartell’s before going on a fun European adventure a few years ago!

5. Bartell’s Local Beer & Wine: Love your Fremont Lush IPA or Reuben’s Pilsner? Surprise! You can get local craft brews at your neighborhood Bartell’s. Looking to fill up your growler before heading to a friend’s house for the big game? Bartell’s actually has 7 locations with local beer on tap. So great! You’ve also got to check out their selection of local wines. They have great deals on some of your favorite local brands, like 14 Hands (my personal favorite: their Hot to Trot red blend) or Chateau Ste. Michelle (I love their riesling). They also have some other delicious wine options that are a step above other drugstores. Try Borne of Fire Cabernet from Columbia Valley, WA.

6. Bartell’s Baby Aisle & Toy Selection: Attention moms, dads, uncles, aunts, and grandparents! Next time you’re at Bartell’s, take a look at their baby and toy aisle. That’s right, you’ll be surprised at their organic baby food items, health & wellness products for both baby and new moms. For toys, they have a really broad assortment of toys for all ages – LEGO, trading cards, and Funko, plus Green Toys and Melissa & Doug. They also bring in new toys and games for every season and holiday. I don’t have any kids of my own, but I love finding fun ways to spoil my friend’s kids in the Bartell’s toy aisle.

7. Bartell’s 67 Convenient Locations: Did you know Bartell’s has SIXTY-SEVEN stores and pharmacies? The entire chain spans from Stanwood to Tacoma, and east just as far as Snoqualmie Ridge. That means, Bartell’s is A) truly local and B) likely just around the corner!

From delicious, local candy to stocking up on my beauty staples to quick pharmacy service, Bartell’s is seriously one of my favorite stores! Share some of you favorite surprise finds at Bartell’s in the comments below.