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Staying Hydrated with Nuun

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| February 7, 2019
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Hey Puget Sounders! Did you know there are countless great local companies doing great things right in your neighborhood? Today, we’re featuring local-company, Nuun Hydration. They got their start right here in Seattle in 2004 distributing effervescent drink tablets. Their mission? To inspire everyone to move more, and provide the tools to help individuals do just that.

About Nuun Hydration:

Nuun (say “noon”) Hydration tablets began primarily as a specialized sports-nutrition product for triathletes, runners, and other endurance athletes. The convenience of the portable tablet and tube, combined with an optimal blend of electrolytes, great flavor, and a lot less sugar than traditional sports drinks, all contributed to Nuun’s early popularity with competitive athletes.

Since then, Nuun has continued to evolve it’s family of drink products, always with optimal hydration at its core. They now offer drinks for exercise, for daily health and wellness, for immune system support, and for more intense, long-distance exertion.

As they continue to grow, they support their customers at over 500 running and cycling events, and are the official drink of thousands of athlete ambassadors around the US.

About Nuun Products:

Nuun’s innovations team is constantly improving and updating their product formulas to maximize the best ingredients, the most efficacious sourcing, uncompromised performance, and the latest research to deliver a premium product for their customers.

They strive to source every ingredient sustainably, and back everything with third-party certifications for accountability. Their goal is for all Nuun products to be Vegan, Gluten-free, Non-GMO, Kosher, and Informed Sport Certified. In fact, they recently achieved an exciting new milestone as the first drink tablets with Non-GMO project verification.

What’s new at Nuun? They recently launched an exciting new product, called Nuun Immunity. Born from the need to stay healthy when your immune system could be compromised due to training, traveling, or the cold and flu season, Nuun Immunity is a hydrating blend of electrolytes, botanicals and antioxidants to give that immune system a boost.

What Else we Love About Nuun: 

Clean Planet: They are committed to protecting our planet, and reducing the waste that contributes to its demise. Every tube of Nuun replaces 10, 16oz plastic water bottles, thus saving millions of single-use plastic bottles from hitting the landfill every year. Through partners like the Conservation Alliance, Nature Consortium, People for Bikes, and others, they continue to work to protect our outdoor public places, and find alternative transportation.

Clean Sport: Their goal is to lead a movement to inspire everyone to move more, and to compete on an equal playing field. Nuun is a founding member of the Clean Sport Collective, and has partnered with a number of organizations, including Team Novo Nordisk and the Challenged Athletes Foundation, to ensure that sport is pure.


Of course, you can find Nuun at any Bartell location. Let us know what you think!