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Reset Your Resolutions

Resolution check! Here are 5 tips to get you back on track.

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Michael C. - Bartell's Employee | February 17, 2021
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It’s the middle of February. How are your resolutions coming along?

If you said “Great!” congrats and we’ll see you later.

If you curled your lip in disappointment, waggled your outstretched palm in the ‘so-so’ manner, or are about to guilt-close your browser, we ask that you take a quick pause, a deep breath, and keep reading.


Resetting Your Resolutions


Were the goals you set for yourself Jan 1 New Year’s Trivial-Changes? We’re guessing no. New Year’s Resolutions by their very nature are challenges not previously part of your routine. Don’t beat yourself up for not being 10%+ on the way to your final goal by mid-Feb.

Life is hard. Things don’t go as planned. Just keep doing what you can, celebrate the little wins, and don’t forget these tips to realizing any big goal:

Resetting Resolutions Be Realistic

1. Be realistic

You know your habits, your level of effort, your schedule, and your ultimate goals.

Don’t preemptively sabotage yourself by setting your bar too high or making your timelines for success too short. If you hit your goal in record time you can always set another.

Resetting Resolutions Incremental Progress

2. Focus on incremental progress

Split your overall goal up into manageable steps or stages. The thought of reaching your goal’s 100% mark when you are at 3%, but feel that you should be further along, can be demoralizing.

However, if you split that 100% into 10 stages of 10%, 33% of the way to your first milestone is a pretty great start.

Resetting Resolutions Stagger Your Starts

3. Stagger your starts

Did you resolve to exercise more, eat less and always be on time? Do your future success a favor and spread out your start dates. Don’t undermine your efforts by putting too much on your plate at once.

Feeling overwhelmed from the start leads some of us to scrap some, or sadly, all of our best intentions before you’ve made real progress.

Resetting Resolutions Track Progress

4. Track your progress

Make a chart, a checklist, a bar/line graph, or that grid of squares you fill in with little stars every time you do a good job.

Keeping records of your progress, especially visual ones, can make your efforts more ‘real’ and meaningful. Motivation is key and one of the keys to staying motivated is recognizing that your efforts are making a difference and celebrating wins, big or small.

Resetting Resolutions Reevaluate Goals

5. Re-evaluate as the year goes on.

It comes as no surprise that things can change dramatically as a year progresses.

With that in mind, take stock at regular intervals to revisit tip #1.

Is a new responsibility eating up the time you thought could be set aside to bring your resolutions into reality? Is financial strain causing you to cut corners?

Don’t be discouraged.

Keep your goals, but maybe re-evaluate your timeline. If you get burned out, you become more likely to quit, so don’t beat yourself up, just keep at it, knowing it might take you a bit longer to get there.

Bottom line; you can make your goals happen. We believe in you and hope that as you push upwards towards the summit of goal mountain, you make this year a happier and healthier one than the last.

Do you have goal setting or maintenance tips to share? Leave a comment