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Natural Favorites

Here are some of our favorite natural products for your pets, your home, your baby and you.

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| January 8, 2019
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Finding products that are good for you and your family, as well as our planet, shouldn’t be difficult. Fortunately, we have a host of organic, vegan, eco-friendly and local products made with authentic ingredients so that you can shop with piece of mind. Here’s a look at some of our favorite natural brands to get you started.

For You

Who wants toothpaste packed with words no one knows how to pronounce? Try Hello! or Burt’s Bees toothpaste. It’s not only good for the environment, but a solid choice for your oral health as well.

For aluminum-free deodorants, try Tom’s of Maine, Schmidt’s or Alaffia based in Olympia, WA. With ingredients like essential oils, baking soda, and activated charcoal- they make sure that what you put in your body also takes care of your body.

For Pets

Treat your cats like the rulers of the house they are with Okocat Litter. This brand touts 7-day odor control, and is biodegradable. For your dogs, grab some Himalayan Dog Treats. They’re made with cheese and are great for pets who like to chew (and chew and chew). Have some birds in your backyard? Grab some natural bird suet from our pet care aisle!

For Your Home

Whether you’re doing laundry, cleaning the kitchen, or scrubbing the floors, we have eco-friendly options across every category. One of our new favorites is Portland, OR-based company Aunt Fannie’s. This product line is free from harmful chemicals and full of effective, natural cleaning power.

For Baby

Shop local companies like Peter Rabbit Organic Food and Earth Mama to make sure your baby is getting the very best you can give them. New to Bartell’s shelves is Dr. Bronner’s Soap for babies. This line is made with fair trade ingredients and is perfect for those with sensitive skin.