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May 2021 Staff Picks

Products we love and think you will too!

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| April 30, 2021
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CeraVE Hydrating
Hyaluronic Acid Serum

“It’s definitely my number one beauty product, it keeps my skin well moisturized for 24 hours.”

Karen M.
Catalog & Ecommerce Specialist

Theo Dark Chocolate
Peanut Butter Cup

This treat may look like the popular candy we all know, but it’s the local sophisticated version that tastes more like dessert.”

Bruce B.
Sr. Inventory Analyst

Sun Bum Mineral
Sunscreen SPF 50

“My whole family uses this sunscreen and loves it! It’s mineral-based, smells nice, is lightweight and non-greasy, and provides great protection from the summer sun. Reef-friendly, too!”

Evie M.
Director of Digital Marketing

Old Mother Hubbard
Dog Treats

“Both of my dogs (a mostly-boxer and a beagle-likely) go adorably berzerk for these treats when they come down from on top of the pantry. They have become a major motivator for my food-motivated pups. ”

Michael C.
Email Marketing Specialist