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Leftover Halloween Candy

Creative ways to make sure Halloween candy doesn't go to waste.

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| November 4, 2019
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The facepaint has been washed off, the fangs have been put away and Halloween has been laid to rest for the next year. Now that it’s behind us, what to do with all of the leftover candy? Even though eating it all in one sitting sounds like a sugary snacking dream, there are plenty of ways to let the spirit of Halloween live on through these great possibilities!

Freeze it!

Pack the Hershey’s minis and peanut butter cups in freezer bags and throughout the year, pull a little out here and there to add to milkshakes, sundaes, ice cream and more!

Gift it!

If you’re giving gifts in the next month or so, use candies in lieu of tissue paper! Or, if your gift is a container like a coffee mug or purse, stuff it full of little treats for the recipient to enjoy.

Bake it!

Gone are the days of regular homemade desserts. Take your at-home baking to the next level with hidden treats in your cake or brownies! Cut up the mini Snickers bars and peanut butter cups and bake them in to the batter and mix some pieces into the icing!

Craft with it!

Grab your scissors, glue and construction paper and get creative! Make a pretty mosaic, some fun faces or perhaps show Thanksgiving some love and make a candy hand turkey!

Donate it!

There are many organizations that can use donated candy to add to care packages. Operation Shoebox, an organization that sends care packages to military overseas, packs boxes year-round with candy. Heat resistant candy is best – but all donations are welcome. Click HERE to see how you can donate.

There are so many ways to use your leftover Halloween candy – other than sneaking a few pieces every day for a late-night indulgence. What are your ideas? Share in the comments!