Introducing Amazon Lockers

One more convenient feature at your neighborhood Bartell's.

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Are you a big fan of shopping Amazon? Who isn’t!? Now, you can shop and have peace of mind that your package will get to you safe and sound with Amazon Hub Lockers located at your local Bartell Drugs! At select locations, you can have your Amazon order shipped right to Bartell’s and pick it up when it’s ready!

To pick-up your package at a Locker, be sure to select that option when ordering your items! Then, do one of the following:
1. Use your pickup code:

  • Take the unique pickup code that you received after you placed your order to your Locker location.
  • Enter your code into the touch screen display.

2. Use your barcode:

  • Locate the barcode in your delivery notification e-mail.
  • Scan the barcode at your Locker location. The barcode scanner is located directly beneath the Locker’s touch screen.

Note: Your package will be available for pickup for three days after you receive your pickup code. If your package isn’t picked up before the end of the third day, it will be returned to Amazon for a full refund.

Online shopping can be risky. What if you don’t like it? What if it wasn’t what you thought it’d be? Many people would just keep it, deal with it, never use it or just plain forget about it. No need to waste money! Stop in to your local Bartell’s and make returns to Amazon with the newly installed Amazon Hub Lockers!

To return a package at an Amazon Hub Locker:
1. Visit the Online Returns Center on Amazon to submit a return request for the item you wish to take back.
2. When you submit your return request, you can choose to return your item to an Amazon Hub Locker!
3. Pick one at your neighborhood Bartell’s and submit your request. You will receive a Locker drop-off code via e-mail.
4. Re-package your items, include the receipt sent to you and take your package and the unique code to your chosen locker location.
5. Enter your code into the touch screen display and follow the instructions on the screen.

What happens when you enter the code, you ask? Magic, that’s what!

When you enter the code, one of the locker doors will open! If that particular locker isn’t big enough for your package, don’t worry. Revisit the screen and select “the package doesn’t fit” and a bigger door will open. Put the package in the door, close the door and that’s it! You’ve successfully made your return!

Looking for an Amazon Hub Locker near you? Visit for locations!