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Holiday Gift Ideas

PNW inspired gift ideas, and more fan favorites.

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| December 13, 2018
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The holidays are in full swing, and our gift guide is at-the-ready to help you find the perfect gift. In fact, our catalog has over 200 gift ideas to spark your imagination and make you smile. Just in case you find 200 items a little daunting, here’s a look at of some of our all-time favorites:

PNW Inspired Gifts
There’s nothing that says Seattle quite like our holiday Hipster Nutcracker! Just like one of our other favorites- the Griffin Brothers Bobble Head- our nutcracker is a Bartell exclusive. Looking for a smaller gift? You can’t go wrong with filling your stockings full of local chocolate; try out Seattle Chocolate’s special holiday flavors!

Cute and Quirky White Elephant Presents

Deck yourself in one of our best tacky holiday sweaters and let the gifting begin. Archie McPhee’s Mr. Rogers breath mints will awe and delight the lucky person on your secret Santa list. Just as good as the mints are our variety of unicorn-themed goodies: pillows, unicorn snot and more. Want some additional White Elephant gift ideas? Check out this video.

Charm Your Host

Our Dilettante chocolate boxes and cheese making sets are guaranteed to make your host feel the appreciation you have for them. Are you the hostess with the most-est? Amaze your lucky guests with a holiday cocktail, like this one.

Something for the Kiddos

We have great gifts for kids of all ages! From interesting Lego sets that’ll excite your future architect, to a wide variety of Harry Potter toys for the book enthusiast in your family, there’s plenty to go around. Want something new to Bartell’s? Take a look at Playmobil – a brand we got in just in time for the holiday season.

In case your feeling adventurous, check out our whole gift guide here!