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Give a Bear Hug to Children In Need

Help us and WARM 106.9 support local kids in stressful situations.

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| February 25, 2021
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For 32 years and counting, Bartell Drugs and WARM 106.9 have proudly partnered together, along with our customers and employees, to collect teddy bears to support local children in need. Through our program, Operation Teddy Bear, customers have the opportunity to purchase a teddy bear at their neighborhood Bartell’s, and place it in a bin in the front of the store. Every bear purchased from February 28th through March 27th will be matched by Bartell’s.

What happens to the bears after they’ve been collected? We distribute them to a wide network of hospitals, local fire and police departments, EMTs, local shelters, schools and more. These bears are at the ready to comfort a local child who’s faced a traumatic or difficult experience. This includes a child who’s had to make a visit to the ER, just experienced a car accident, or been faced with a difficult medical issue.

“Over the years, Bartell’s has had the opportunity to help more than 30,000 kids in the Greater Puget Sound. Last year, we exceeded all expectations and collected over 36,000 bears. These bears can positively impact the lives of many. They not only help children, but they also help the caregiver of those children. This program creates a strong ripple effect and we’re proud to be a part of it.” said Ken Mahoney, SVP of Operations at Bartell Drugs.

All Bartell’s locations will participate in the donation drive from February 28th through March 27th. Customers are encouraged to visit their neighborhood location, purchase an official teddy bear for $8.00 and Bartell’s will match the contribution, bear for bear.