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Getting Saucy!

4 easy homemade BBQ sauce recipes for your next outdoor cookout.

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Michael C. - Bartell's Employee | May 18, 2020
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As the weather becomes kinder and we get promising glimpses of weather to come, it’s time to dig up and dust off our favorite seasonal recipes! Quick disclaimer! We aren’t taking a stance in the great vinegar vs. mustard vs. ketchup debate. Tastes are subjective and, as I’m sure you’ll agree, everyone is entitled to their wrong opinion 😉.

BBQ Sauces with Bartell's Kansas City Barbecue Sauce

A Kansas City Style Masterpiece

Although BBQ legend Arthur Bryant would probably disagree, what we think of, when we imagine a KC style sauce is a sweet, closer-to-mild-than-spicy, tomato-based affair. When you buy a basic bottle of BBQ sauce, KC style is the current prototype.

The key to a good KC style sauce is providing sweetness from several distinct sources so that it complements it’s a tomatoey partnership, and is layered and nuanced, as opposed to cloyingly one-note.

This recipe blends brown sugar, molasses, ketchup, tomato sauce, and a host of spices to produce a sauce well worth 35 minutes of your time.

Bartell’s Quick Pick: Want less prep time? Snag a bottle of Rub with Love Barbecue Sauce, Ancho & Molasses from local culinary legend Tom Douglas. The molasses brings the earthy sweetness while the ancho adds the smokey heat! Check stock at your favorite Bartell’s.

BBQ Sauces with Bartell's Alababme White Barbecue Sauce

Sauce Home Alabama

Although this mayo-based delight can be served competently with any grillable, it’s especially perfect on poultry and roasted vegetables like asparagus, cauliflower, and broccoli. Our favorite version is also quick and easy to make, so it’s the perfect addition to a last-minute grill decision. Other variations include horseradish for the kick, but I like this gem, which uses your choice of hot sauce to layer on the heat.

BBQ Sauces with Bartell's Carolina Barbecue Sauce

A Must(ard) Have from Carolina

Straight to the point, this classic South Carolina sauce combines mustard, vinegar and other usual suspects to be an amazing companion to pulled pork or poultry. Sweet and tangy in just the right measure. FRIENDLY TIP! If you haven’t worked with it before, you may want to be judicious on your use of liquid smoke. A tiny bit can go a long way, especially when paired with an already smoky entree.

BBQ Sauce Memphis Style

Memphasis on the Tangy

Although, its ingredient list resembles that of its Missourian neighbor, our favorite Memphis-style sauce is much thinner and tangier than KC’s thicker and sweeter staple.

Memphis style perfectly balances its vinegar bite with the earthy sweet duo of dark brown sugar.

Have them side by side to enhance their delicious differences!

BBQ Sauces with Bartell's rubs

B-B-BONUS! Rib Rub

Sauces, not your jam? This simple dry rub from the pros at Weber has been a house favorite for years. It has a great mix of sweet and spice, barks well, and is made of ingredients that are spice rack and pantry stalwarts. Just measure, mix, and apply as directed.

Rather leave the blending to the pros? Local celeb chef Tom Douglas’ line of delicious rubs has your dinner covered. Literally. Check stock at your favorite Bartell’s.

Have a favorite sauce recipe? Please share! And happy grilling!