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Eco-Friendly Tips for NW Living

Celebrate Earth Day with these small, but impactful changes to better our planet.

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| April 18, 2019
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Earth Day is a celebration that takes place each year on on April 22nd. Worldwide, various events are held to demonstrate support for environmental protection. There is continuous information emerging regarding the disintegration of natural resources and it’s our responsibility to help. Being conscious of your impact on the world is the first step towards preserving it for generations to come. Here are a few ideas to try out on Earth Day this year – that are easily translatable to everyday life!

Shop with reusable bags

Help eliminate plastic bags that tend to end up on the streets or in landfills throughout the beautiful Puget Sound by shopping with reusable bags.

Be mindful when shopping for groceries

Did you know, between 25-40% of the food we buy in the US is thrown away? Plan ahead and create a shopping list before you head to the store, then consider purchasing only the items you need from your list. Get creative with your leftovers. A lot of leftover meat and vegetables can be added to soups or your morning eggs and toast.

Ditch Your Car

Sometimes, it’s actually a lot easier and more convenient to take public transportation than it is to hop in the comforts of your car. Consider riding the bus into downtown Seattle or Bellevue and skip the expensive parking and congested streets. Heading to the airport? Take the Link Light Rail that runs from UW to Sea-Tac with a number of convenient short stops in between.

Use Eco-Friendly Household items

For household cleaning supplies with less environment impact, we love the brand Method. The bottles themselves are made with recycled plastic, and are easily recyclable post-use as well. Their ingredients are non-toxic and mostly biodegradable.  Plus, Method products have Leaping Bunny certification, which is the gold-standard in cruelty-free certification for personal care and household products.

Read Up on Composting

Did you know nearly 35% of all trash that ends up in a landfill can actually be composted? We all know that banana peels and raked leaves can go in our yard waste bins, but did you know your greasy pizza boxes, used tea bags (made from natural materials) and used paper towels can be as well? Read up on what specific things you can and cannot compost in your neighborhood here.