Celebrate Your Grad in Style

Simple ways to celebrate grads in 2020

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A big congratulations to all the 2020 graduates out there, as well as the loved ones who’ve supported them along the way. It’s hard to imagine graduating amidst COVID-19, but we feel like there is still plenty of opportunities to celebrate! That’s why we’ve put together these 4 ideas for how you can celebrate your grad in style, even if it has to be from a distance.

1. Jazz up Your Zoom Call

Are you planning a family Zoom call to celebrate a graduation? We say, GO BIG! We’re talking balloons, streamers, and a giant graduation banner to boot. Good news – did you know you can print giant banner signs at Bartell’s? And now thru June 30th, 2020, we’re offering 30% off 8×24 and 8×36 sizes. You can customize your banners in-store at our kiosks, and quickly print from there!

2. Send Out a Graduation Announcement

Have your grad put on their cap and gown, find a nice spot outside, and have a family member take some photos that capture all the pride and excitement this accomplishment brings! Customize a photo card that shows your grad leaping, giving two thumbs’ up, showing some jazz hands, or however else best captures, “I did it!” That 30% off we were talking about above applies to photo cards as well (thru June 30th, 2020), so head to your nearest Bartell’s to print your cards or order online for pickup in-store using promo code GRAD2020*. Last step, mail these out to family, friends, neighbors – everyone!

3. Host a Drive-Thru Open House

We’re seeing this all over the internet for many kinds of celebrations– it’s a great idea! The concept is to have guests you normally have over for a party drive up to your house instead. They stay in their car, shout a big congrats from their vehicle, perhaps blow you an air-kiss or drop off a present, and then head on their way. One idea to enhance the experience could be to offer “guests” a goodie bag to take home with a photo or even fridge magnet of your grad adorned in their cap and gown, some sweets (who doesn’t love those) and a mini-puzzle or game to help keep them entertained through our stay-at-home order. Another idea could be to provide some sweets and a beverage for guests to-go – perhaps donuts and coffee, or lemonade and cake! Lastly, you could ask each guest to give your grad a flower so that in the end you have a bouquet, with each flower representing a loved one’s support.

4. Celebrate Now, Celebrate Later

Permit yourself to celebrate your grad the best you can now, but ALSO to celebrate again sometime when our stay-at-home order is lifted. We think that any time is a good time to celebrate a milestone. Guess what? American Greetings is helping customers #stayconnected by reserving a section of our card aisle all year for graduation cards, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and other holiday cards for occasions that have happened during COVID-19. That way when this is all over, we can GO BIG and celebrate the way we all would like to: Together.

5. Card Party

Tap into the power of your contacts list. Open it up and reach out to everyone who has a nice connection with your grad. The request is simple. Send your grad a card to share congratulations and support.

Encourage home-made versions from family and friends that can’t make the trip, or shouldn’t expose themselves to, a retail store. Collect the cards as they come in, set a date to hand them over, and make a big deal of it. Having the senders call on the delivery day for quick best wishes, is all the better.

Not only is opening a stack of cards an incredible tactile experience, but it’s also a collected, physical manifestation of all of the people in your grads life that want to share in celebrating their achievement. Even without a stay-at-home order, you wouldn’t be able to pack the house with everyone who wants to share in the moment, but anyone can take a few moments to share their heartfelt well-wishes.

As a bonus, you can collect and scrapbook the cards. Give it to them right away, or save them as keepsakes for future nostalgic reminiscence.

From now until June 13th, use our coupon to get $2 off when you buy 2 American Greetings cards.


From everyone here at Bartell’s, we’d like to congratulate all graduating classes of 2020 here around the Puget Sound and beyond. We understand the amount of work you’ve put in to get here. We appreciate and admire the perseverance you’ve shown getting things done, despite the bumps and bruises life has delivered along the way.

May your light continue to shine as you lead us all into a brighter future!

*30% off online discount only applies to greeting cards ordered online through Bartelldrugs.com for pickup in-store. Ship to home orders are excluded.