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Eleven Tips to Upgrade Your At-Home Coffee Game.

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| May 4, 2020
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Do you have coffee and time on your hands? Check out ways to take your brew from simple cup o’ Joe to Joseph T. Java Esq.

Barista with Bartell Drugs Coffee Ice Cubes

1) Coffee Ice Cubes

Don’t pour the morning coffee down the drain! If you have a cup or so left-over, instead pour it into a lidded to-go container and set it in the fridge for an afternoon pick-me-up.

Then take the remainder and pour it into an extra ice cube tray and set carefully in the freezer.

When your 3 PM crash is imminent, grab your soon-to-be-iced coffee out of the fridge and add your frozen coffee cubes to have a full cup of deliciousness without the disappointment of the watered-down finish.

Barista with Bartell Drugs Espresso French Press

2) Espresso in a French press?

Ok, it’s not strictly an espresso, but our favorite version provides a facsimile reasonable enough to provide a delightful shake up to your morning routine.

Barista with Bartell Drugs Latte French press

3) And now a Latte in a French press?

So simple, yet so tasty! Just pour some heated milk into your French press and vigorously pump the plunger until you have a creamy froth that would make your favorite barista (mildly) jealous.

Barista with Bartell Drugs Blended Cold Brew

4) Blender Cold Brew!

Cold brew coffee is delicious, but making it can sometimes be a fussy, messy proposal. Short cut the whole process with a blender and some planning. Sure, it takes a while to get there, but you know you’ll want another cup in a few hours, right?

Barista with Bartell Drugs Cinnamon DIY Coffee Flavors

5) DIY flavored pour over coffee

Raid your spice rack to jazz up your java! Add nutmeg or cinnamon to your grounds before brewing to add complexity and a delectable aroma to your next pot. We suggest starting with 2 teaspoons of ground spice per ½ cup of grounds and adjusting to your tastes from there.

Barista with Bartell Drugs Sparkling Americano

6) Sparkling Americano

Have a can of flavored La Croix to spare or some leftover bubbles you made from your Sodastream? Use one of those instead of regular ‘ol water for your Iced Americano! It’s the cold, fizzy caffeinated refreshment you didn’t know you needed.

Barista with Bartell Drugs Coffee Nap

7) Coffee Nap?

Feeling run down & droopy? Try having coffee and taking a 20-minute cat-nap. Sure it sounds self-defeating, but there is scientific logic behind the idea. In a nutshell caffeine and one of the chemicals in your body that make you feel snoozy share a receptor. Your coffee jolt happens as it jumps in and attaches itself in place of the chemical. Naps, on the other hand, lower the amount of the chemical in your body. Imagine what happens when your body has lowered the amount of tiredness-chemical AND you have caffeine starting to do what it does? ULTRA ENERGY! Or at least that’s the theory. Here’s a great article that provides more depth for the science behind the theory and some studies that tested the theory.

Barista with Bartell Drugs Coffee Compost

8) Repel pests!

Used grounds can be sprinkled around plants in the garden to repel ants and smoked to repel mosquitos. They’re also good at keeping neighbor cats from befouling your sand and planter boxes.

Barista with Bartell Drugs Coffee Bean Storage

9) Let us out! It’s cold in here!

Take those beans out of the freezer, STAT! The best way to store coffee is in an airtight container, away from sunlight and at room temperature. An opaque container is best, but a clear container is adequate if it can be stored in a closed pantry, cabinet, or cupboard.

Barista with Bartell Drugs Bitter Coffee salt

10) Don’t be bitter…

Is your morning cup giving you bitter brew face? Toss in a pinch of salt. You’ll understand why science can easily be confused for magic.

Barista with Bartell Drugs Dalgona Coffee

11) Dalgona: Myth or Legendary?

This whipped coffee beverage has been all the rage on the social medias. The office opinion is split down the middle, so we’ll let you decide whether this creamy cup is your next pass or passion.

Here’s a simple how-to from My Korean Kitchen.