April 2021 Staff Picks

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On the Rocks Cocktails
“I don’t normally like pre-mixed cocktails from the store because they tend to be too sweet and taste fake, but these are so delicious… and strong! Pour over ice and they taste like you just ordered it from the bar. The Cosmo and Margarita ones are my favorite.”

Tanya S.
Social Media and Events Specialist



“I have a lot of seasonal allergies and having an eye drop (Naphcon-A) always helps on my irritated eyes while going outside.

Shweta G.
Accounts Payable





Lego Super Mario Series 2 Character Packs
“Series 2 of the Lego Super Mario Character packs expand with 10 more characters from Super Mario World. Kids can build them, or mix and match parts, and combine these with the many other new Super Mario sets from Lego. One of the biggest hits from the new sets released in January.”

Howie C.
General Merchandise Category Manager


Seventh Generation
“When it comes to cleaning – Seventh Generation is my go-to brand: anything from Chlorine-free bleach to the unscented dish and laundry detergents. Recently I have tried Disinfecting Multi-Surface Cleaner Spray, and I couldn’t be happier to know I can keep my counters germ-free without the harsh chemicals.”

Olga B.
Inventory Analyst