Top back-to-school tips for parents and guardians!

Tips we wished we knew to avoid school year pitfalls.

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It’s that time of year again! Oh, where did the summer go?

Time for backpacks, rulers, lunchboxes, pencils and… so much more. Not only do you need to check all the supplies off the list, there’s other things to think about when the kids head back to school.

School and Sleep:

Success in the classroom is determined by so many factors – and home life is a big part of that. Keeping kids on a good sleep schedule can help them face the day without fatigue leading them down the road to missing important information or getting grouchy. They may get lazier the closer they get to tween years, but setting them up for success begins with a solid sleep regimen.

Social responsibility:

With more issues facing kids nowadays, bullying is top of mind for teachers and parents alike. Keeping an eye out for issues in and outside of the classroom are harder with social media ever present. Taking a little time to shed light on these issues and keeping open lines of communication between kids, parents, classmates and teachers is more important than ever.

Back to School Immunizations:

Support overall health of students and the communities in which they go to school in by making sure they’re up to date with all immunizations. With epidemics like measles recently hitting closer to home, this is a top priority as we get ready to head back into the classroom. Immunizations are inexpensive and easily accessible. They’re so easily accessible that you can visit your local Bartell Drugs and have the pharmacist administer the injections right now.

And keep in mind, vaccinations aren’t just for kids. Grownups need tetanus boosters every 10 years, along with shingles and pneumonia vaccines. It might be easier for the kids to endure a poke if Mom or Dad goes first. Why not make it a family outing? Maybe you can even get flu shots while you’re at it. FUN!