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129 Years of Trusted Partnerships

Celebrating Partnerships from Past to Present

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| May 9, 2019
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Longevity creates opportunity. The opportunity for building lasting relationships and the opportunity to grow together. Bartell’s, much like many of our longtime partners, has become a household name in the Northwest.

For the past 129 years, it’s the relationships that we’ve fostered that have made us what we are today. Relationships with our partners, customers and communities. Through exploration and trust, partnerships such as Kleenex, Johnson & Johnson, Kodak and Band-Aid have grown with Bartell’s. These partnerships are crucial to our mission to provide our customers with a choice. Ever since we’ve had a storefront to call our own, we’ve searched for new and exciting products to add to our selection to deliver on that mission.

Band-Aid: Established in 1924, Band-Aid brand adhesive bandages make their first appearance in the US. Since then, their colorful history has sent their products all over the world! In the early 40s, millions of bandages were sent overseas as a part of the war effort. In the 60s, Band-Aids went to space with Mercury astronauts and again to the moon with the iconic Apollo 11 mission. Band-Aid has stood the test of time with innovative, quality products that Bartell’s is proud to have offered these products to customers for 90 years.

Liberty Orchards, another local household name, is known for their delicious fruit-and-nut confections. Founded by two enterprising Armenian immigrants in 1920, these unique and delicious treats are made with the same qualities that Bartell’s stands by: excellent personalized service and great value. As a partner of 80 years, Liberty Orchards can be found in all Bartell’s locations!

Pacifica, another Northwest treasure, is a newer partnership for Bartell’s. On our shelves for 5 years, and in the market since 1998, this brand is not only creates quality products, but they are dedicated to inventing a new world of body products while keeping ties to the old one. With 100% vegan and cruelty-free products, you can feel great about buying Pacifica at Bartell’s.

Funko: Locally created and spreading smiles worldwide, this brand has been with Bartell’s since 2014. Headquartered in downtown Everett, Funko designs, sources and distributes collectible products across multiple categories including vinyl figures, action toys, plush, apparel, housewares and accessories. They say that everyone is a fan of something, and we’re a fan of Funko!

From cosmetics and self-care items to pet products and toys, we are committed to our relationships. And though the range of items we offer in stores is vast, the goal is the same: to offer quality products from a trusted source to help our customers live happy and healthy lives in the PNW.