Bartell’s launches supply drive for local seniors

SEATTLE – During this challenging time, there are countless examples of friends and neighbors rallying together to help each other. To support those hit the hardest by the coronavirus pandemic, Bartell’s is hosting a senior supply drive.


Homebound and homeless seniors are experiencing a combination of isolation and uncertainty. They are afraid to go out and lack essential items to feel safe and cared for during this time. Donations collected from now through May 9th will be delivered to local seniors by Sound Generations, the Meals on Wheels transportation service.


“We have been looking for a way to support the senior community, who has always been so loyal to Bartell’s. Our customers generally tend to be very compassionate and Seattle-centric. We believed they would gladly join us in contributing to this drive as they are also concerned about the local at-risk population. Two days in, we are off to an impressive start!” said Kathi Lentzsch, CEO and President of Bartell Drugs.


In partnership with Aegis Living and Seattle Seniors Strong, Bartell’s encourages those who are able, to make a donation in person at all store locations or online. For information regarding requested essential items or to make a donation online, visit