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Bartell’s adding a 24-hour store location and Kaiser Permanente CareClinics to close

Bartell’s adding a 24-hour store location and Kaiser Permanente CareClinics to close

SEATTLE – In light of the current need for access to essentials, Bartell’s will be adding one additional 24-hour store including pharmacy in the heaviest impacted area of Kirkland/Bellevue communities. That store is located in Bellevue Village. Bartell’s in Lower Queen Anne will remain a 24-hour store.


The intention behind this is to offer our customers a chance to shop for necessities during off hours and to maintain desired social distance. This will also allow customers access to pharmacists and prescriptions during this time. The extended hours will begin this evening and will remain in place for the foreseeable future.


As part of Kaiser Permanente’s efforts to address coronavirus (COVID-19), CareClinic healthcare professionals have temporarily moved to other locations to help serve the most urgent medical needs and consolidate resources.


All Kaiser Permanente Care Clinics located in Bartell Drugs will be temporarily closed effective Wednesday, March 18th. It is unknown how long, but probability to reopen will be assessed on a weekly basis. As always, Bartell’s pharmacists will remain a resource to customers.


Additional information on Kaiser Permanente options:


Start an e-visit online. Answer a series of questions and get appointment recommendations, self-care advice, or other guidance on what care is right for each individual’s situation.

Call KP’s Consulting Nurse Service. Get 24/7 care and advice at 1-800-297-6877.

Learn more about all care options at 

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