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B Caring Program

Our ‘B’ Caring Card, a fundraising tool for local schools, athletic groups, churches and other qualifying non-profits to earn money for their organizations.


By simply shopping at one of our 67 stores, up to 4% of your purchase amount will be contributed to qualifying organizations of your choice. Participating customer cardholders may designate up to three schools/non-profit organizations to receive contributions. The ‘B’ Caring Card is not a gift card so no purchase is required up front.

Once registered, just have the cashier swipe your ‘B’ Caring Card at checkout or type in your 10 digit phone number, and a percentage of your total bill will be allocated to your designated non-profit organization.

For more information, or to sign up to participate, ask any Bartell Drugs employee associate. You can also find additional information and register your card at at

To see if your group is already registered, you can search on the eScrip site at