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Stay healthier this fall, winter – and all flu season long! Get your flu shot.

Your friends and neighbors at your local Bartell Drugs want you, your family and your coworkers to stay healthy this season. Flu shots reduce the chances of you getting the yearly ‘crud’ with the fever, the sore throat, the muscle aches and all the other nasty symptoms that can linger for days and take you away from taking care of your life and your business.

Are you age 65 or older? The Fluzone® High-Dose influenza vaccine is designed specifically for you. Get more information on Fluzone High-dose on the CDC website.

Schedule Your Flu Shot 

Save time by downloading and filling out our Vaccine Consent and Release form prior to your visit. If you are unable to open this document please Download Acrobat Reader.

Fast Flu Facts – and what you need to know:

  • The flu causes serious health issues and problems each year, especially for those living with a chronic illness or those too young to be vaccinated.
  • The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends annual flu shots for everyone six months of age and older (Bartell’s pharmacists can immunize children 3 years of age and older).
  • You cannot get the flu from the flu shot.
  • The seasonal flu vaccine provides protection against the influenza strains covered by the vaccine all season long.
  • Flu viruses change over time making it necessary for vaccines to be updated and a person’s immune protection from a vaccination declines over time – optimal protection is a flu shot every year.
  • Seasonal flu is a respiratory disease and not a stomach or intestinal disease.
  • In the U.S., the annual direct costs (doctors’ office visits, hospitalization, medications etc.) for the flu are estimated at $4.6 billion.
  • 111 million workdays are lost because of influenza at an estimated $7 billion per year in sick days and lost productivity.
  • Getting the vaccine is your best protection against the flu. Scientific studies put the effectiveness of annual flu shots from 70 to 80 percent.
  • The worst side effect you are likely to get from a flu shot is a sore arm and the risk of a severe reaction is less than one in four million.
  • The more people who get vaccinated against the flu every year, the lower the risk of catching the flu.


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Don’t let the flu be your foe this season!

Bartell Drugs Corporate Immunization Program offers two convenient solutions that will encourage your employees to opt for immunizations:

On-site Vaccination Clinic

Let us come to you. Studies show that more employees get vaccinated if it’s included in their work day. On-site clinics make it simple for both employer and employee.

  • Our trained and experienced pharmacists will administer vaccinations at your location for groups of 25 or more.
  • We’ll provide an employer kit with tools to educate and motivate your employees about the benefits of immunization. Trust us, the statistics are convincing!
  • We offer several easy payment options. We can even work with your insurance carrier to bill insurance plans directly if immunizations are a covered benefit. We can also handle invoicing or individual employee payments.
  • Group rates are available.

Prepaid Vaccination Vouchers

This flexible choice gives employees vouchers for vaccinations that they can use at their convenience at their favorite neighborhood Bartell Drugs location. Consider offering this as a standalone option or for employees who can’t attend the on-site clinic. 

Vaccination Availability

Contact your local pharmacy for availability.

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