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Loving Local

There’s a lot to love about the Pacific NW – the spirit of innovation, enthusiasm for the great outdoors, and passion for celebrating local companies that create wonderful things. Being a Seattle-based company ourselves, we love showcasing countless Northwest favorites, homegrown must-haves, and delicious snacks. Come on in and see what your neighbors are up to.

Did You Know?

We opened our first pharmacy in Downtown Seattle in 1890, when our city’s population was just 42,837 residents.

Discover Over 150 NW-Made Products



Explore a variety of savory and delectable local snacks sure to make your taste buds happy. Try Oberto, Zing Nutrition Bars, or gluten-free WOW Cookies to name a few.



The NW is known for inventing exceptionally wonderful, all-natural products that nourish our bodies. Try nationally-loved Pacifica Cosmetics & Skincare, Moon Valley Organics, Earth Mama and more.


Beer-Wine Icon


Our state produces world-renowned libations to appease many pallets. Browse our aisles for many local IPAs, sturdy porters, crisp ciders, and rich lagers as well as a range of reds, whites and bubbles.

Shopping local supports our community and our neighbors. I also think it’s better for the environment when we keep things local.
- Bryan T., Greenwood


When you have a craving for something sweet, you can’t go wrong with one of the many local options. Theo, Brown & Haley, Dilettante, Joe, Skinny Dipped Almonds, Liberty Orchards – the list goes on.




Furry friends love our all-natural treats—products like Cycle Dog, Wet Noses and Himalayan Chews are made here in the NW, too! And for cats, we highly recommend you try Okocat Litter made from wood and plant fibers.




Our coolers are jam-packed with tasty thirst-quenching drinks. Be on the lookout for locally-based Sparkling Ice, Dry Sparkling and Tree Top juices made with Washington apples.


Did You Know?

We have 67 convenient locations that span from Tacoma up to Stanwood, and from Ballard out east to North Bend – that’s right, just King, Pierce and Snohomish counties.

We’re a Team WA Residents

Our stores, pharmacies, distribution center and headquarters make up our team 1,700 employees that all live and work here in Western Washington. Our mission? To provide exceptional service to our NW neighbors that advance their health, happiness and wellbeing.



We’re a big believer in lending a helping hand. As a local business, we know it’s our customers that also make up our communities and neighborhoods. Every year, we partner up with some of the Puget Sound’s most difference-making organizations, including: Food Lifeline, School Tools, Teddy Bear Patrol, Toy N Joy and more.