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Pharmacy Careers


We provide career support such as:

  • Established learning objectives
  • Student scholarships (through UW and WSU pharmacy schools)
  • Mentoring tailored to your goals and skills
  • Rotations for hands-on experience


Your opportunities will include:

  • Patient-focused care
  • Clinical services
  • New technologies
  • Diverse neighborhood locations
  • Career development


Our year-long community residency is an excellent opportunity to gain experience and skills. The program is custom-designed to match residents’ background and career objectives, as well as the goals of Bartell Drugs and UW’s School of Pharmacy. Advance your education and training in drug therapy, disease state management, and communication skills. You will also develop and implement innovative care programs at a store location.

High Tech Patient Care

At select Bartell Drug locations, we feature automation to handle the counting and labeling of medications, speeding up the process and also ensuring accuracy. The most recent addition to our chain wide toolkit is McKesson EnterpriseRx. The pharmacy-management software system supports our essential workflow process for increased efficiency and precision. With a couple of clicks, you can view patients’ complete medication histories, no matter which Bartell Drugs they use to fill their prescriptions. We also use bar-code scanners to reduce dispensing errors, while detailed drug utilization review reports give you the valuable information you need to identify potentially dangerous interactions and educate your patients.

Graduating from Pharmacy School in 2015?

Bartell Drugs is always looking for talent young pharmacists to join our team. If you are interested in working with Bartell Drugs, and want to learn more about the exciting opportunities we offer, please email our talent development manager, Chris Jonassen.

Professional Development

We desire to attract the best pharmacists possible. Newly hired pharmacists receive high quality personal training from experienced pharmacists. For pharmacy interns and recent pharmacy graduates, Bartell Drugs offers an environment where you can develop your professional skills and set your personal goals as a pharmacist. Bartell Drugs has long maintained its policy of promoting from within. Many of Bartell Drugs’ executives began their careers as pharmacists.

Quick Reference Guide for External Candidates

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