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How to Register Your App

Follow these simple steps and experience all the benefits of our Red Vest Service at your finger tips.

Please note that even if you have a Patient Profile on the Bartell Drugs website, you will still need to create one on the mobile app, and load your patient information.

Step One

Click Patient Profile

Registering your app and loading your patient profile is easy! To start the process simply click the Patient Profile button. This will give you the ability to easily complete pharmacy transactions or recover your password should you forget it.

Step Two

Select Create Account

If this is your first time using the Bartell Drugs app, click the Create Account button to enter in your information. You can also use this screen to login into your account, recover your password or your user name if you are a return user.

Step Three

Enter in your user information

If you already have a patient profile on the Bartell Drugs website, you will still need to create one on our mobile app. The credentials you enter here can be the same as on the Bartell Drugs website.
By entering your information and hitting submit, your app will now be registered. To load your pharmacy profile, continue on to step 4.

Step Four

Register Patient

If you would like to load your patient profile on the app to refill prescriptions and check your pharmacy history, you will need to have an active pharmacy number to complete this step. Simply enter in the required information, and hit submit. You will then be prompted through a quick security verification process that will validate the information you entered. This will be done by sending a pin code to the number you have on file with your Bartell Drugs pharmacy. Landlines will receive a voice message and cellular phones will receive an SMS text message. Once you enter in the system generated pin number, you will be ready to use the app’s pharmacy features.

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