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Summers in and around the local Seattle area are better, it’s a scientific fact. Due to the Earth’s axis and rotation around the Sun, the further north you go during summertime, the longer the days. So in the lower 48 states, it’s hard to beat a Seattle summer. With longer days, mild temperatures, cool nights and low humidity, what are you going to do? We’ve got some great summertime suggestions!


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Gum Wall

Yes, Seattle has a brick wall coved in used gum – and it is spectacular! Located in Pike Place Market, the gum wall was created in 1993 by patrons of the Market Theater box office, waiting in line to get into Unexpected Productions’ Seattle Theatersports. Theater employees attempted to scrape the gum away, but it kept coming back. They stopped scraping it off in 1999 after market officials claimed the wall to be a tourist attraction. The wall was eventually cleaned in 2015 (to preserve the wall’s bricks) and more than 2,350 pounds of gum were removed. But don’t worry, tons have gum has since been stuck back up on the wall.

It’s a great place to visit – quirky, interactive, and yes, a bit gross but fairly unique. If you want a fun reminder of the wall, or if visiting in person just feels a bit too unhygienic, recreate the experience with this fun puzzle. At 1,000 pieces, this colorful puzzle will make you feel like you’ve created the gum wall from scratch. Except without all the chewing.


Did You Know?

The third ever Bartell Drugs store opened in 1908 in front of Pike Place Market.

Seattle History

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