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What is CBD?

New! Hemp Cannabidiol Wellness Products

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| October 23, 2018
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At Bartell’s we want to start the conversations that lead to better wellness. Whether that’s filling your prescription or offering natural remedies, we want to be informative about new science and innovation in medicine. With the increased interest and awareness of CBD in our local community, Bartell’s is now offering the largest selection of hemp wellness products in the area. In stores, customers can find 100% CBD only products including extract capsules, oils and infused topicals.

Our team has scoured the country to find the best CBD products made in USA from the highest quality, all natural ingredients. From Shikai, Charlotte’s Web, CV Science, and many more, you can find information about each of the products on our display.

I’ve heard of CBD, but what is it?
CBD, an abbreviation for Cannabidiol, is one of dozens of compounds found in the hemp plant. CBD does not have the same psychoactive properties as THC, which is the main compound cultivated in recreational cannabis. CBD has been a phenomenon in the world of health and medicine recently with more studies linking this cannabinoid to several health benefits.

While both industrial hemp plant and cannabis plants are the same cannabis sativa plant species, just like heirloom and cherry tomatoes, hemp and cannabis plants are different varieties farmed for their unique characteristics and uses. Hemp plants have lower THC amounts and the supplements made from hemp extracts have less than .3% THC. Researchers studying cannabinoids believe that they work with the body’s endocannabinoid system, which modulates the body’s brain, endocrine, and immune systems. CBD is of particular interest to scientists because of the potential benefits to assist with pain relief, inflammation, and neurological disorders.

Bartell’s has a long-standing history of innovation and we are committed to the natural, whole-body health of our Northwest neighbors. It’s a new, big idea to feature such a wide selection of CBD products, but we’re proud to be on the forefront of natural medicine. We’re excited to show you what we’ve learned. Stop by your neighborhood Bartell’s and ask about CBD, and you’re sure to hear how much we love it.

What our customers are saying:

“While moving back into my house, I overdid lifting heavy boxes and pinched a nerve /strained my lower back, which was very painful. Normally I avoid pain relievers. But in this case I had to take Ibuprofren to ease the pain and it was helping, but I don’t like taking products that are known to hurt your internal organs if you use too much. So I started applying Charlotte’s Web Topical cream every day. It did a better job of easing my back pain and more importantly I know what is going into my body is more natural. My back is better because of the combination of stretching, physical therapy exercises and the Charlotte’s Web Topical cream.” ~ Bruce

“It definitely helped tame the fiery tendinitis in my arm so I could sleep!” ~ Kim H.

*You can purchase CBD products at all Bartells except for our Market and 15th, University Way and White Center locations. Selection may vary.