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Tips for Finding Trusted CBD for Pets

Liang from Peach In Seattle talks about her dog’s positive experience with CBD.

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peachinseattle | June 26, 2019
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Miki and LiangMy dog Miki is an extremely sweet, intelligent and cuddly dog. But I rescued him and, with that, comes anxiety that can sometimes be frustrating for me because I can’t help him through it. It is very apparent that he has separation anxiety and as soon as CBD became a thing, I wanted to try it to see if it would help.

There is so much information out there about CBD and, to be honest, I didn’t know who to trust or even where to start. It was extremely overwhelming even thinking about doing research. Even doing a quick search online, there are so many products with all different kinds of ratings from different people. I even ended up purchasing one (it’s not cheap!) and did not find that it helped Miki at all so I quickly gave up.

A few weeks ago, the topic of CBD popped in my head again just due to the upcoming Independence Day festivities and fireworks. Miki usually isn’t bothered by them but I also have a thunder jacket for him just in case. Over the last 5 years that I’ve had him, his anxiety hasn’t gotten noticeably better so I decided to ask my followers on Instagram some poll questions on whether they’ve considered CBD for their pets, whether they think it’s effective and whether they’ve continued to use it for their pets. The results were split pretty evenly BUT I had so many people DM me on the types and brands that they use. I learned so much in this process that I decided to make a list of tips to help you find trusted and high quality CBD for your pets:

      1. Ask your community – I like to hear people’s real-life examples and stories of what they think of CBD especially questions about how they heard of the brand, where they get it, how their pet is reacting to it now after X amount of time. It just gives you that added layer of assuredness.

      2. Shop local at a brick and mortar store – Some of you online shoppers might not get this point but I think it is so important. I decided that I wanted to see some products IRL before making any purchases. The first drug store I thought of was Bartell’s. They are family-owned and local to the Puget Sound area. I just felt really secure going into the drugstore and asking questions to the associates. I also found out that Bartell’s sources all their CBD products for quality first, so lower-quality brands never make it on their shelves in the first place. I ended up purchasing two different brands: Wet Noses because I knew Miki would love their flavors (not like he ever doesn’t like treats) and Charlotte’s Web because they also make human-grade products and that reassured me of their quality.

      3. It takes time – What I’ve noticed with Miki after a few weeks of using it is that the results are not immediate. It took at least a week before I started noticing things like he would growl a little instead of bark. Or he would bark but he wouldn’t pull the leash forward when we’re on a walk and someone comes by on a skateboard. I also noticed that CBD made his chill and cuddly moments even more chill and cuddly. We love TV time before bed but he can instantly come out of chill mode and be alert if he hears something or if I move even a little on the couch. With CBD, he stays chill!

      4. Do normal things – During your CBD “trial period,” don’t go out of your way to make things extra comfortable or uncomfortable for your pet. Just let them be regular days with each other. I had a last-minute one-day work trip pop up so I did my usual appointment at the boarders. As usual, he was freaking out when he knew he was getting dropped off there but when I picked him up, the vet techs spoke so highly of his behavior! They even told me that they had a conversation about it around the coffee machine because he was more relaxed pre- and post-walk.

      5. Try a few brands – From reaching out to my community, I really learned that not all CBD are created equal. And even so, not all dogs respond to CBD in the same way. It’s just like how it is for hoomans. 🙂 I recommend getting a few brands, at least 2, to try out and see how you and your pet respond.

I seriously cannot believe that just a few weeks ago, I was a serious doubter of CBD. But really, it came from frustration and not know who/where to trust. It’s like “hello, I have real money. You can have it. But I need to know this is safe and effective for my pet.” I am so glad I stopped into Bartell’s and committed to Wet Noses and Charlotte’s Web!

So far, Miki is one happy (and more chill) boy! I was so impressed with the results, that I went back to Bartell’s and got a few Charlotte’s Web and Plus CBD Oil products for myself. And I am hoping they will help me recover from a recent gym-related foot injury!

Questions, comments or any other CBD recommendations? Let me know in the comments!

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Photos by Kailee Elizabeth