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Pumpkin Decorating

Elevate your pumpkin decorating game with these three easy ideas.

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| October 14, 2021
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Oh my gourd! It’s finally pumpkin carving season! Stop by your neighborhood Bartell’s and pick up pumpkin party essentials like carving kits, stencils and snacks to share!

Whether you’re entering a carving contest, planning a fun family activity or a crafty date night, here are a few ideas to try out!

Pumpkin Carving dry ice

The traditional take with a twist:

When you carve the scariest face you can think of, take it up a notch and put a bowl inside with the light. When you’re ready to impress all who see your masterpiece, place some dry ice inside and let the smoke roll!


Pumpkin Decorating glitter

Bewitched and Bedazzled:

Add sparkle and accessorize to pump it up from hag-ulous to fabulous! Use glitter, rhinestones and whatever crafty bits & bobs strike your fancy to make your creation spook-tacular!
Film buff? Recreate the look of your favorite villain (or misunderstood anti-hero depending on your POV) through the strategic use of office supplies. Push-Pin Head anyone?

If fanciful decorating is more your speed, accentuate your pumpkin’s stem with a fun paint job, add yarn and as much sparkle as your glue job can hold to serve up your best unicorn, or as your dad would say, uni-gourd.


Pumpkin Decorating painting

Painted Pumpkins:

Not into knife based decoration? Let the pumpkin be your canvas! Literally! Unleash your inner Dali’, or Martha Stewart and use paints to turn your squash from frump-kin to gourd-geous. It’s a good thing!
For the best results, paint your pumpkin with one color at a time and let it dry completely. A base coat helps subsequent coats stick, and can add depth of color. Acrylic or spray paints are best to use, and can help your effort withstand the elements.