New, improved shingles vaccine now available at Bartell Drugs

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Remember “chickenpox parties”?

Parents would deliberately expose their children to the virus at infected households in order to improve their immune systems.

While well meaning, we now know the potential side effects.  Years later, contracting chickenpox can result in shingles, a condition that creates painful rashes and can lead to other health complications, particularly for people 50 and over.

Both may now be a thing of the past. Not only is chicken pox preventable by vaccination, but now shingles can also be prevented as well.

Released at the end of December 2017, Shingrix is the first new shingles vaccine approved in more than a decade is significantly more effective than the previous vaccine. It is also covered by many major commercial insurance plans including Aetna, Cigna, and Premera, and Optum for Medicare D plan holders.

“Shingrix offers considerably better protection over the previous vaccine for those most at risk for getting shingles, primarily people 50 years and above,” says Christina Ree, clinical services manager for Bartells. “Even if you’ve previously been vaccinated for shingles, this vaccination is improved over the older vaccine and requires two doses within a two to six month timeframe.”

This new, improved shingles vaccine continues the tradition of Bartell Drugs protecting the community’s health. As the oldest, family-owned drugstore in the country, Bartells has always been a trusted community healthcare provider, focusing on convenient options for Pacific Northwest families—from toddlers to seniors—for more than four generations.


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