Neuriva Brain Performance Supplement

New to our shelves this month, Neuriva supports focus, memory, learning, accuracy, and concentration.

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Looking to give your brain an extra boost? Check out Neuriva Brain Performance new at Bartell’s. Created by Schiff Vitamins, Neuriva is designed to fuel 5 indicators of mental performance, including: Focus, memory, learning, accuracy, and concentration. Their natural ingredients are GMO free, and promote enhanced brain function! That said, let’s have a closer look at what’s inside:

Neurofactor (Coffee Cherry):

Made from the nutrient rich fruit of the Coffee Cherry, this whole fruit extract is decaffeinated and shown to increase levels of the vital neuroprotein BDNF, known to strengthen connections between brain cells.

Plant Sourced Sharp PS (Phosphatidylserine):

These plant sourced phospholipids make up the structure of neurons within the brain, ultimately leading to an increase in neuron health, and fueling memory and learning ability.

Schiff is the brain’s biggest fan, and are on a mission to help all brains be the best they can be. In addition to an awesome supplement, Schiff also offers a holistic brain health regimen which includes tips, tools, tricks, and training to help you brain better, because when your brain wins, so do you.


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